Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Burger King vs. McDonald's - Big King vs Big Mac - In-depth Burger Showdown

For centuries the house of McDonald sat upon the Iron Skillet and ruled the Seven Fast Food Kingdoms with a mythical burger that drew its power from a mysterious special sauce. Many have tried to challenge The Big Mac, some even declared a full-scale war (like the Big Carl) but were crushed by The Big Mac's weird third bun.

The Big King, ruler of the house Burger King, birthed two flame-broiled meat patties from ancient fire and through some sort of alchemy conjured up a rival "King Sauce" (Mayo, sweet pickle relish, yellow mustered, vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika)

This blog will chronically in detail the epic battle between these two burgers.

When I first put them side by side you can definitely see that the Big Mac is quite larger than the Big King. (Big Mac: 1 - Big King: 0) Maybe it's because the Big Mac's buns are made from a compound that can withstand a 40 ton nuclear blast and that's why the bread keeps its shape.

As we dive into the first layer of the burgers we can see that the Big King's meat patties have "grill marks" which are achieved through some sort of jet fire conveyor belt contraption that gives the meat a smokey taste the Big Mac does not have. My wife says it reeks of awful liquid smoke and tries too hard to not taste microwaved (even though the are reheated in one) but I think I prefer it to the Big Mac's patty. (Big Mac: 1 - Big King: 1 )

The Big King uses a more rustic cut pickle (seen in the previous layer) vs Big Mac's really processed cut pickle. The Big King also has a SECOND coating of King sauce in this layer which really adds to the flavor but makes the burger super soggy. The Big Mac's special sauce has yet to make an appearance. (Big Mac: 1 - Big King: 2)

Here the Big King has cheese that has melted on the patty which was kind of nice but it made the center bun even soggier because it soaked through it. The Big Mac had a little more cheese. (Big Mac: 2 - Big King: 2)

In the final layer we see the first and final appearance of The Big Mac's special sauce. It would have been nice if they had put the cheese on the previous layer to to separate it from the lettuce.

So who gets to rule the Iron Skillet? When it comes down to aesthetics, the Big Mac looks like the superior burger but when you break it down into layers, The Big King looks like it was better constructed with higher quality ingredients.

But what it all boils down to is the taste. Which one of these burgers reigns supreme? First off, the Big Mac tasted clean and wasn't messy. The amount of sauce complimented the burger fine and it tasted pretty good.

The Big King on the other hand had much better quality ingredients (better meat & better pickles)  and seemed to have more special sauce than The Big Mac but for some reason I really didn't like it as much. My wife also tried the vs. challenge with me and also agreed that there was something off about The Big King.

Maybe it was how soggy the buns were or that it was a lot messier to eat but I didn't enjoy it as much. I wasn't thrilled about how The Big King handled their cheese or sauce but not to say that it's a bad burger. I just preferred The Big Mac. (Big Mac: 3 - Big King: 2)

Both can be purchased for $4 which I think is waaaaay over priced and both will significantly reduce your life span just as equally.

Big King Nutritional Facts: (190g) Serving Size - (510) Calories - (260) Calories from Fat - (780 Sodium) - (18g) Protein - (38g) Carbs

Big Mac Nutritional Facts: (211g) Serving Size - (530) Calories - (240) Calories from Fat - (960 Sodium) - (24g) Protein - (47g) Carbs


So there you have it. Big Mac crushes Big King and rules the Seven Fast Food Kingdoms and sits upon The Iron Skillet. To read my review on The Big Carl from Carl's Jr, click here :)

Be Fat! Be Happy!


sam george said...


you forgot the most important element:


anywho, i'm going to eat both. screw you neurotics.

Anonymous said...

I'm still with Burger King. That thrown together trash is not that mine.
And i wouldn't compare Big King & Big Mac.