Tuesday, June 23, 2009

McDonalds - Angus Mushroom Burger ($5.00) Rating: 7

Mark Lim - Late January I banned all personal consumption of McDonalds after I was tricked into purchasing 2 Big Macs which I later "refunded" into a porcelain receptical.

It's been 5 months so last week I lifted the restriction and got myself a McDonalds 1/3 Pounder Angus Mushroom Burger. They're actually quite good.

McDonalds, Oh So Fat, Angus Mushroom Burger
Not a bad looking burger.

Oh So Fat, McDonalds Mushroom Burger
Looks like someone chewed it for me! Thanks!

McDonalds, Oh So Fat, Angus Mushroom Burger
Ugly but tastes fine.

Mark Lim, Oh So Fat, Angus Mushroom Burger

McDonalds - Angus Mushroom Burger

Taste ------------ (7) The mushroomy taste came out just right
Presentation -----(6) Pretty with it's bread hat on but disgusting with it off
Price ------------- (5) $5 is a little expensive for this kind of burger
Quantity --------- (6) It hit the spot
Satisfaction ----- (7) Definitely much better than I thought it was going to be

Usually McDonalds burgers look like a bum used it as a pillow before being served but I was quite surprised because the Angus Mushroom Burger looked edible.. When I lifted the hood it did look pretty bad though but I've kind of learned to expect that from all fast food chains.

The taste was nice and clean. The McDonalds mushrooms had a better flavor than Carl's Portobello Burger which really blew me away. The cheese wasn't bad either and the burger patty wasn't greasy and disgusting. I would definitely get this burger again.

Be Fat! Be Happy!
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