Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Arby's Roast Beef MAX - $4.98 Rating (3)

Mark Lim - When I was young the thought of piles of juicy thin sliced roast beef from Arby's drove me insane. I have many fond memories of my parents taking me there, and now that I think of it, that was probably the reason I was such a fat ass. The French Dip sub was my absolute favorite. I would sop up every last bit of au jus and savor every morsel by licking the dipping cup completely dry. There was no shame in tonguing the bottom rim for droplets of beef drippings.

It had been years since I've eaten at Arby's and with all the news about how red meat turns your body into a living corpse, I decided to go there and indulge in it's much safer and healthier cousin, gray meat.

This is the monstrous failure that is the Arby's MAX.

I am so sad. My childhood memories of dancing on roast beef island are now sullied by massive disappointment. Maybe it's because I now live in an podunk town with no understanding of quality control or maybe Arby's has just grown suckier over time.

I thought the crap food might have been an isolated indecent and that maybe, just maybe, if I went back for a French Dip Sub, all those memories of increasing my childhood obesity would come flooding back.

So I went back the next day and while I did end up licking the dipping cup I still came to the conclusion that Arby's is horrible and nowhere near as good as I remembered.

I am truly hurt and I probably will never eat at Arby's again unless they come out with something amazing or send me free burger coupons to try and win me back.

Arby's Roast Beef MAX

Taste ------------ (4) Boring pile of gray meat on a bun
Presentation -----(2) Unappetizing and depressing
Price ------------- (3) Definitely not worth $5
Quantity --------- (4) Tasted old and looked like zombie meat
Satisfaction ----- (3) There was a lot of it but I didn't want it.

Rating: 3 out of 10

I have a video of myself eating the burger and I might post that later when I have some time to edit. Until then:

Be Fat! Be Happy!
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