Saturday, March 31, 2012

Carl's Jr. Southwest Patty Melt 6 Dollar Burger - $5 Rating: (8.5)

Mark Lim -
I hated going to Raging waters as a kid because it meant I had to spend the entire day shirtless in front of other people. Not only that, but there was this one kid in my daycare that always wanted to pinch my nipples and that became increasingly awkward.

One of my worst memories of that horrid place was the time when I came to a screeching halt in the middle of one of the tallest slides in the park. I guess the steady stream of water that's supposed to shoot you out of the tube like a bullet wasn't strong enough and when the dried out sections of my fat flab made contact with the plastic I came to a complete stop. Imagine someone throwing a ham down a flight of stairs and then it getting stuck half way down.

I tried my hardest to shimmy my way out but the friction caused by my fat was too much for me to overcome. No one noticed that I didn't come out of the other side so they sent a large woman down the tube and she eventually did a full force super drop kick on my back launching us both into a tailspin till we became a mangled ball of flesh splashing out at the bottom. That sucked.


Today I decided to increase my fatness and relive childhood memories with Carl's newest Burger: The Southwest Patty Melt 6 Dollar Burger

They had a special promotion today where they were giving away a free Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich. It was like I won a chocolaty lottery.

The burger was quite a surprise. The star of the show was the ultra flavorful and liberally slathered Santa Fe sauce. It tasted very smokey and ethnic in a good way. It almost felt a little more Asian/Middle Eastern because the sauce had a curry-ish finish that I found really interesting and thoroughly enjoyed.

The mild jalapenos gave the burger that extra kick and crunch wile the soft buttery sourdough bread cradled everything together. I could have used a little more grilled onion though but other than that I was pleased.

I usually go through the drive though when I plan to take pictures for my blog but the line was packed with cars so I decided to eat my meal inside. I tried to sit in the very back of the restaurant so I wouldn't bother anyone but when I started taking pictures of the burger a I overheard a loud man saying, "Look at that guy over there. He's taking pictures of his burger. Who does that? What's he going to do, send it to someone? Who really want's to see a picture of his burger?"

I looked at him and responded, "I write for a food blog. I actually get paid to do something I love." Now, he doesn't have to know that I only make $3 a day but I wanted to make him feel like an ass.

It did upset me a little and make me feel self conscious about taking pictures for my blog in public to the point where I wanted to pack everything up and leave but I decided it was important for me to stay and finish. I really should have taken a picture of him and posted it on here.

Carl's Jr. Southwest Patty Melt 6 Dollar Burger

Taste -------------(9) That Sante Fe sauce was unique

Presentation -----(8) Looked ok. Not like the ad though

Price ------------- (7) $5 is getting pretty close to $6

Quantity --------- (8) The meat was fat and the sauce was plentiful

Satisfaction ----- (9) One of my new favorites.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Carl's is the leader of innovation in the world of Fast Food. They'll put anything on a burger to get you to buy one. Sometimes it's a hit and sometimes it's a miss but the Southwest Patty Melt is definitely a winner for me.

Till next time,

Be Fat! Be Happy!


John said...

Awesome blog! Let me know what you think about 5-Guys burgers. Plus a head-to-head comparison of McD vs. Burger King fries.

Mark Lim said...

Hey John! I do like 5-Guys and have been there a couple times:

A Fry-Off sounds like a great idea. I'll definitely work on it.

Thank you, John!

Levi said...

Don't feel self conscious, dude is an ass hat. You were taking pictures for me (and other readers), a totally legitimate reason. Also, your shirt off story reminded me of my childhood. Or last week :/

Kyle said...

Carl's and Jack-in-the-Box sometimes attracts some sketchy crowds. I don't like eating in either of those places personally. To answer the question of who wants to see your burger photos? Oh, the hundreds or so readers of this blog. Don't worry Mark, one day that troll will see hosting a Food Network show, and be sorry he didn't ask for a photo WITH YOU!

Andrea Schamis said...

You are the problem!

Steve said...

I totally understand how awkward it may be to take pictures of food just before eating them, I mean you have to resist the urge of eating it and take nice shots of it first! Especially after a long wait.

Please continue what you are doing and I plan to use your blog as a burger reference when I go to the U.S.A!

All the best and do take care of your health.

New reader from Malaysia.
(stumbled on your blog from looking for food blogs on Google)

gluten free products said...

Tougher cuts of meat are cheaper but not necessarily less flavourful. You might have to sacrifice a coarse grind but when the meat is fine ground the toughness goes and the flavour stays.

Anonymous said...

Burger king fries are da best