Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wendy's Triple Stack + Potato ($8.50) Rating: 9

Mark Lim - "Why are manhole covers round?" This was an actual question Microsoft asked in job interviews to psychologically assess their applicants. While there are many correct answers there is only one correct answer to why Wendy's hamburger patties are square.

The Answer: Because they are delicious.

Wendy's doesn't get caught up in the Burger Wars like the other Fast Food places. There's no need for prime rib, Angus, black Angus, Kobe, sirloin, rump, or some sort of space aged non-stick meat. They just use square regular meat patties and it's surprisingly edible.

So far this has been my favorite burger. My roommate agrees because we went to get him one after I finished mine.

Lettuce didn't quite survive the trip home but everything else was just fine

The other cool thing about Wendy's is that they have other weird stuff on their menu like bowls of chili and baked potatoes. The one I got kind of looked more like a potato chowder but it was damn good.

There! I ate my vegetables for the week, Mom!

Wendy's Triple Stack:

Calories - 980 - Fat - 60g - Sodium - 2010mg - Carbs - 43g

Yeah, unhealthy like the rest but damn it was good!

Taste ------------ (9) That meat was deliciously square
Presentation -----(7) It wasn't pretty but it was big!
Price ------------- (7) $4-$5 is ok for a burger this tasty
Availability ----- (6) Haven't seen too many Wendy's around
Quantity --------- (9) That was a lot of food.
Satisfaction ----- (9) Wendy's hits the spot

Rating: 9 out of 10

The Wendy's Triple Stack is my new favorite burger. No fancy gimmicks. Just a good burger.

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