Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wendy's Bacon Bleu Burger Review

Mark Lim - When I was a little kid I would wait all week for Saturday morning because I knew that was the day I would see some rocking toy commercials that would change my life.
Now that I'm an adult and can't play with toys I still wait all week for new commercials but this time it's for burgers.
My new obsession has been the Wendy's Bacon Bleu Burger. The commercial is tantalizing, hypnotic, and always tempting me with it's apple wood smoked bacon and perfect chunks of bleu cheese blanketing a juicy square bun.
I decided this would be the perfect post for my first video review. I know it's gross and impolite to talk with my mouth full but I'm getting too old to care. Here's the vid:
Talking with my mouth full
Wendy's Bacon Bleu, Oh So Fat, Burger
Wendy's Bacon Bleu Burger
Wendy's Bacon Bleu Burger, Oh So Fat
Looks like a man screaming with open sores in his mouth
Wendy's Burger, Oh So Fat
The tomato looks lonely. Maybe it should try eHarmony for fruits.
Wendy's: Bacon Bleu Burger
Taste ------------ (8) That bleu cheese and bacon worked really well together
Presentation -----(5) Slightly repulsive
Price ------------- (4) $5 for this? What a rip.
Quantity --------- (5) A Medium sized burger
Satisfaction ----- (6) The taste was unique but it was expensive and lacked presentation.
Rating: 6 out of 10
I hope watching my video review didn't make you guys too sick. Would I get this again? No, but ask me again if I ever win the lotto.
Be Fat! Be Happy!


JustinM said...

Yours looked better than the one I had bro. Mine had no sauce and the patty was deformed.

By the way, do you ever sign up for fast food email alerts/coupons? I created an email address just for that purpose. You might be surprised how many deals you can get. For example, Wendy's emailed me a coupon a few days ago for $1 off this burger. A big deal? No, but it certainly helped the burger go down better paying 4 bucks instead of 5.

Mark Lim said...

That's an awesome idea, Justin!

I have a hard time believing mine looked better than yours. I thought mine looked pretty unappetizing. The taste was pretty good though. Not a lot of places are using bleu cheese and it was a nice change of pace. Thanks for the tips man!

SnapandPrint said...

I have to say it....the burger looks like it has an yeast infection of the mouth. Yikes.

Audrey Pongracz said...

oh man Ive been wanting to try this...but not anymore.
When you open up the burgers like that, its like looking inside a infected wound! haha

Mark Lim said...

Brie - Oh I know. I was pretty grossed out when I first opened it. The cheese wasn't white/blue it was yellow.

Mark Lim said...

Audrey - It's actually not a bad burger. It looks like vomit but it's got a distinctly different taste. You might get lucky if your Wendy's quality control is better than the one by my house :)

Kimberly said...

Just polished one off for lunch. No wilty lettuce & I'd make the purchase again. Long live the bleu!

Mark Lim said...

Kimbery - You're lucky! My lettuce was real bad. Pulledporker who commented up top said his bacon was super soggy but mine was pretty awesome.

I guess it all really depends where you get your food since the quality isn't consistent. I'm actually kind of craving one right now :)

viagra online without prescription said...

that hamburger look disgusting!!! Your pictures are good! But the food don't, really.

Erica said...

Perhaps it varies by location because reading these reviews make the burger sound horrible. Fortunately for me, I had a great experience in tasting this burger. I will have to say it was one of the best fast food burgers I have ever had!

ania said...

(Well, not "just", because that comment was from....two years ago)

jade said...

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