Monday, February 3, 2014

Bistro Bleu - The Little French Restaurant in the Combat Zone

Mark Lim -  I might be a foodie but as most of you know I am more of a fast foodie than a fine dining foodie. I usually don't drink wine unless I'm shotgunning it out of a box. When my parents told me that they were taking us to a fine French Restaurant it scared me.

When I found out the restaurant was actually in a stabby part of town in a little strip mall I was totally interested.

Bistro Blue, next to a Zumba gym and a video store which I think has to be a front for meth.

The interior of the restaurant was cozy with a heavy blue theme. Blue is an interesting color choice for a restaurant. When I was taking color theory I learned that if you're trying to lose weight you should eat off of blue plates or under a blue light because blue doesn't occur naturally very often in food. This means blue will make your food seem less appetizing. 

Fortunately the quality and care taken to preare the dishes today outweighed any science.

My wife and I excitedly waiting for our culinary trip to France.

Our meal started with a rather unique amuse-bouche. This chilled little soupy shot packed a shockingly intense curry flavor that can only be described as being slapped by the many arms of Vishnu. Even though curry isn't really my thing, the flavors were quite complex and I appreciated it.

The next dish served was Les Escargots a la Provencale ($7). I have this weird love of chewy meat textures and these garlicky snails paired with the salty mushrooms hit the spot. My wife loved the burgundy sauce so much that she sopped every last drop up with the buttery pieces of toast.

After that they brought out the Planche Du Charcutier ($9). This included prosciutto, dry salami, pate, roast beef, pickled baby cucumber, and finely chopped olives. While I didn't really enjoy the meats, the pate was excellent. It was so creamy, flavorful, and decedent that it wanted to make me exercise for the sole purpose eating more of it.

The duck ($22) was also amazing and my favorite of the night. It wasn't gamey or fatty. The salty juicy meat was just perfect. When we go back, this will be what I order.

This was the Pancache De Fruits De Mer ($17). It's a spinach noodle with sauteed shrimp, scallops, and calimari in a Tarragon and white wine sauce. It was quite light and the seafood tasted fresh. This was also excellent.

The Steak Frites ($19) The real star of this dish wasn't the meat but the white buttery glob on top. I don't think I'm sophisticated enough to enjoy wine based sauces. This wasn't the best dish of the night but I still liked it.

For dessert we selected two different items that had to be ordered 25 minutes in advance.

The chocolate souffle was excellent. It was quite petite but perfect for two people. The waitress cracked a hole on top and poured chocolate and cream inside of it. Beautiful.

The peach cobbler was lava hot but the creamy topping cooled it off. It wasn't very sweet or heavy which was a perfect ending to a meal. They were worth the wait.

Category Score Comment
Taste: 8 Lots of authentic enjoyable flavors
Presentation: 9 Beautifully plated dishes
Value 5 We probably could have got 300 Jack in the box tacos for the same price.
Satisfaction: 9I love this place
Rating:9 out of 10

I have to say the service was absolutely incredible. The waiter and waitress psychically knew when to refill our drinks, take our empty plates away, and give us more toast for our pate. The food is marvelous and prepared gorgeously. The serving sizes are a little smaller than I expected for the price but absolutely tasty. This cute little French restaurant was truly a great find. Oh, and we didn't get stabbed.

Bistro Bleu
918 South Magnolia Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92804
(714) 826-3590

Be Fat. Be Happy!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

IHOP - Chicken and Waffles + Fried Cheesecake

Mark Lim - The last time I ate at IHOP was when I was camping Utah and on the way to the emergency room.

We don't normally eat at IHOP when we go camping but this was special occasion. I was the fist one to wake up that morning and decided to throw rocks at people's tents just to be a turd. The last rock I threw was at my sister-in-law's tent and of course, dislocated my shoulder.

I ran to get help because it was out of socket pretty far. I forgot the lie I told when they asked what happened but I remember it was better than throwing rocks at people's tents.

We tried really hard to yank my shoulder back into socket with no luck. Painful as hell. My wife finally decided to drive me to the ER an hour down the mountain and as we were closing in on the hospital we hit a bump and popped my shoulder back in.

We celebrated by eating at IHOP.

Today our goal for our ACU Web lunch was to try out a new BBQ place but for some reason we got lost and ended up at IHOP. I really wanted a normal breakfast but I could not pass up Chicken and Waffles.

 Chicken and Waffles
 No Vegetables Again.

Tyler, our programmer, claimed that he could eat a ton of pancakes and went for the all you can eat. We all decided to bet him some money to see how much he could really handle. If he ate 15 pancakes we would give him $30. If he ate 20 pancakes we'd give him $50. If he ate less than $10 he would give us all $5.

Tyler was a total baby about everything but was able to eat 10.5 pancakes, just enough so he wouldn't have to pay us.

Austin ordered a deep fried cheesecake with fried bananas which I ended up eating half of. I don't normally like cheesecake but It was the most amazing dessert I've ever had. All that fried crispiness, that sweet banana, and that the creamy cheesecake totally hit the spot after eating a mound of waffles and chicken.

Deep Fried Cheesecake

Item Serving Size (g) Calories Fat Carbs
Chicken & Waffles Way too much 1040 56g 96g

Health Description
Category Score Comment
Taste: 6 I would have preferred chicken on the bone instead of chicken tenders
Presentation: 8 Chicken and Waffles are Pretty awesome looking
Value 7 It was a little under $10
Satisfaction: 6 It was ok. I kind of expected something more epic.
Rating:6 out of 10

As far as the Chicken and Waffles, they were ok. The chicken pieces were really dry but the waffles were pretty good. I really wanted bone in chicken and asked if they could substitute it and they said no which was a big disappointment but I ended up eating some of Max's fried chicken dinner left overs so it all worked out in the end.

I'm really getting unhealthy. With an office job and lunches out every day I think I have to exert a little self control. YOLO.

Be Fat. Be Happy!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Yoshinoya Beef Bowl - A Tale of Haunted Memories

Mark Lim - Yoshinoya always brings back horrible memories for me. I was always a fat gluttonous pig, even in high school. One time after class, my friends Alex and Mike took me to eat at Yoshinoya.

After ordering we patiently waited for an eternity. We were salivating from the aroma of beef and sauce. When we finally got our food, Alex decided he needed to go to the bathroom.

My greedy fat ass could not resist reaching into his unguarded bowl and grabbing a handful of that soggy bacon-like meat and inhaling it. When he came back he was furious and confused. His lack of meat drove him into a rage. He blamed me for the atrocity but I was able to convince him that Mike did it and that I would never do something that terrible to someone.

For years he thought Mike had been the one who ruined his life that day until one time at a party I confessed that I stole his beef. I was forever known as The Beef Stealer. Alex even started using Beef Stealer as his screen name when we played video games with each other.

Yoshinoya Beef Bowl
Large Beef Bowl

There's something unique about Yoshinoya. It has a very distinct smell. When you're around it there is no doubt you will recognize that signature stink.

Yoshinoya Beef Bowl

The salty sweet juices are sopped up by the white rice so you get a flavorful burst in every bite. There are soft caramelized onions entwined in the meat threads that give it a varied texture.

Yoshinoya Beef Bowl Mark Lim

Item Serving Size (g) Calories Fat Carbs
Beef Bowl - Large 624g 1060 38g 136g

Half the calories for your entire day, ALL of your fat grams, and close to 80% of your daily carb intake in one meal.

Category Score Comment
Taste: 7
Salty, slightly sweet and meaty
Presentation: 4 There's always that gray brown poop colored meat
Value 7 You get a good amount of food for around $5
Satisfaction: 6 After lunch I scrounged the office cabinets for candy
Rating:7 out of 10

On the right day I will crave Yoshinoya till no end. There's nothing out there quite like it. The smell, the texture, and the unique taste are something that will always give me memories, good and haunting.

Be Fat. Be Happy!