Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jack in the Box - Jumbo Deal ($3.50) - Rating: 6

Mark Lim - What's more appealing to you, an 8 ounce tin of Beluga Caviar or 1,708 deep fried beef tacos? How about a slice of finely marbled Kobe Beef Steak or 300 cheese-less Jumbo Jacks? Would you rather drink a bottle of 1787 Chateau d'Expensive or 8,547 gallons of Sprite?

This is what Jack in the Box asks with its $3.49 Jumbo Deal. Quantity or Quality? That's the question.

I hate to say it but in most situations I lean towards value over taste. This probably explains why I subject myself to mass amounts of fast food and discount meats.

Jack in the Box, Big Deal, Oh So Fat

The Jumbo Deal from Jack in the Box consists of: A Jumbo Jack (No Cheese), Two Fried Beef Tacos, a Small French Fry, and a Small Drink for $3.50. By purchasing all of these together you save about 50 cents which makes this a pretty rockin deal if you've got kids, a mortgage, and a car payment.

Jack in the Box, Jumbo Jack, Oh So Fat

Quality: The Jumbo Jack is a sad looking burger but it does try pretty hard by adding tomatoes and lettuce which are the "truffles" of the Dollar Menu world.

Jack in the Box, Taco, Oh So Fat
The Tacos are an acquired taste. They have a strange texture which I can only describe as crispy soggy. The beef is mixed with a soy filling to help it keep the consistency and flavor of dog food.

Jack in the Box - Jumbo Deal ($3.50)

Taste ------------ (6) Better than your average Dollar Menu
Presentation ---(4) A heaping pile of food, Soup Kitchen style
Price ------------- (9) $3.50 = Best deal in town
Availability ----- (8) A promotion that won't last too much longer
Quantity --------- (8) That's a lot of bang for your buck
Satisfaction ----- (7) Full but not satisfied

Rating: 6 out of 10

If you find yourself starving and digging in your car seats and couch cushions for money then the Jack in the Box Jumbo Deal is for you. If you've got what rich people call, "Paper Money" I suggest you purchase something more delicious.

I do commend Jack in the Box for for giving you the most bang for your buck out of any of the fast food chains. They realize that the backbone of their sales are drunken college students who want to eat something greasy and salty after last call to soak up all the alcohol poisoning.

By staying open late nights and providing affordable meals they are technically saving lives of the drunk and homeless. Thank you Jack in the Box.

Be Fat! Be Happy!

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