Monday, January 25, 2010

Big Mac Snack Wrap - Rating: 4

Mark Lim - The way I see it is the Big Mac is a rich white college kid from the suburbs who befriends a Mexican Pizza in his Chicano studies class.

One day the Mexican Pizza invites the Big Mac to a house party on the other side of town and he begrudgingly decides to go. While there he is shunned by the Tostadas and Menudos and realizes that he'll never be able to cross the cultural lines until he meets a saucy young Bean Burrito who shows him the ways of her people.

They spend one passionate night inside a brown paper bag and 9 months later we have the Big Mac Snack Wrap.

Big Mac Snack Wrap, McDonalds, Oh So Fat
Highland Avenue meets Olvera Street

Big Mac Snack Wrap, McDonalds, Oh So Fat
Half of a Big Mac patty + Fixins = Big Mac Snack Wrap
Big Mac Snack Wrap, McDonalds, Oh So Fat, Mark Lim
I ate 3 of these for you

Big Mac Snack Wrap, McDonalds, Oh So Fat

The Snack Wrap does taste like a Big Mac with their signature sauce/pickles/onions/and McDonald's "beef" patty but there just isn't much value for your money. It has about 1/5th of the meat a Big Mac and costs almost $2.00. You're really losing out on this deal.

Another problem is that McDonalds hasn't quite perfected the Tortilla process. Places like Taco Bell fill their tortillas with warm fillings which in turn keeps the tortillas soft and tasty. McDonald's Big Mac patties are never hot so their Snack Wraps Tortillas immedietly become cold and disgusting.

There are no new ingredients. It's just gimmick packaging.


- Tastes like Big Mac
- Clean and easy to eat
- Less carbs
- "Healthier" than a Big Mac


- Way less value. Not enough Meat and Cheese
- The Tortilla tastes disgusting when cold
- Too expensive

McDonald's - Big Mac Snack Wrap

Taste ------------ (6) It's got that Big Mac flavor
Presentation ---(4) Not a pretty sight. At least it's clean
Price ------------- (2) $2 = Rip Off
Availability ----- (7) Probably just testing it. It'll be gone soon
Quantity --------- (2) No enough Meat or Cheese
Satisfaction ----- (3) I felt insulted

Rating: 4 out of 10

Is it horrible tasting? No. Is it the worst thing on their menu? No. Will I be getting this again? Most likely not.

I'm just waiting for the McRib Snack Wrap.

Be Fat! Be Happy!


PulledPorker said...

What on their menu do you think is worse? (There is one thing I can think of, I'm just curious if it's the same as you.)

SnapandPrint said...

Looks not worth the money.

I want to know what you think is worse on the McDonalds menu as well!

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That Chinese guy looks so stupid in the picture, but the Burrito looks so great, and I'll do it alone in home tonight. Great post my little friend.

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Erin said...

I feel compelled to correct you on this is not half a Big Mac patty. Big Mac patties are the same patties as a cheeseburger has. What you have in this is half of a quarter pounder patty. I heart this blog.