Monday, May 4, 2009

KFC - Kentucky Grilled Chicken ($9) Rating: 2

Mark Lim - Ancient Chinese Proverb - Do not Grill what can be Fried.

When I heard KFC was introducing their new Grilled Chicken I thought it was another joke. I've heard way too many strange tales about KFC like the laboratory they own where they genetically mutate chickens so they have 8 legs.

When I found out that the Grilled Chicken wasn't an urban legend I became very excited. More excited than a grown man should be when hearing about chicken cookery.

kfc, grilled chicken, oh so fat
This is the bucket and no, it was not bucket worthy.
kentucky fried grilled chicken, oh so fat
Strange color
oh so fat, mark lim
Beta Testing the chicken
kgc, oh so fat
The grill marks look like they're trying way too hard
chicken, oh so fat
One piece of the 8 legged mutant
kfc grilled, mark lim

The chicken was the greasiest piece of meat I've ever had. I had to constantly wipe my hands before they started to prune. It also had a very strange chemical taste to it like they spray painted the grill marks on. The spices they used were disgusting and way too strong. I love KFC's fried chicken but grilled was a horrible idea.

El Pollo Loco has them beat hands down.

KFC - Kentucky Grilled Chicken
Taste ------------ (2) Horrible horrible horrible
Presentation -----(2) The chicken looked funky
Price ------------- (6) It's a decent price for bad chicken
Quantity --------- (6) It's a lot of chicken
Satisfaction ----- (1) I will never ever get it again

Rating: 2 out of 10

Please stay away from the grilled chicken and let's hope KFC keeps these 11 herbs and spices a secret forever.

Be Fat! Be Happy!


PulledPorker said...

You're the man. I have been trying to convince myself to try this for the last two weeks, but I just couldn't do it.

But the part about them having a laboratory with mutated chickens is still true, right?

SnapandPrint said...

KFC is disgusting. Seriously.

No El Pollo Locos here so cannot go there.