Monday, April 27, 2009

Macaroni Grill - Lasagna ($15) Rating: 3

Mark Lim - I've never had veal and I've always wanted to eat baby cow parts but I know some of my friends would be pretty mad at me if I tried it. (which probably means it's amazing)

So instead of ordering cute infant calf meat I decided to get Macaroni Grill's specialty Lasagna. It was pretty gross but we'll get to that disappointment later.

The first disappointment of the night was the appetizer sampler. It came with flavorless calamari, too hard to eat bruschetta, and the blandest mozzarella sticks I've ever had.

Mmm... nothing special

The Fiance and I enjoying our meal

The plate looked great but it was more of a tomato soup than a lasagna. It was one of the worst I've ever had. I could not taste any of the cheeses because of an overpowering fennel licorice-y flavor that destroyed the dish.

I thought that extra cheese would help. It didn't.

The lasagna was quite sad but I was pleasantly surprised with my dad's Prime Rib. I didn't like how they plated the dish but the meat was excellent. The texture and the tenderness was amazing especially for the affordable price. This was a great deal.

Lauren got the Lobster Ravioli and that was awesome too! By now I was getting really jealous of everyone's meal but they let me pick at their plates so I felt a little better.

Macaroni Grill - Lasagna
Taste ------------ (3) No good. Too saucy too much fennel
Presentation -----(8) It looked great though!
Price ------------- (4) It was way over priced at $15
Quantity --------- (7) The size wasn't bad
Satisfaction ----- (2) I was not satisfied

Rating: 3 out of 10

I would have gave the Prime Rib and Lobster Ravioli a score of 8. I'd still love to go back to Macaroni Grill but I will never get the Lasagna again.

Be Fat! Be Happy!


SnapandPrint said...

I have never been a fan of Macaroni Grill. Whenever I was at that restaurant...the food was bland as hell.

For an Italian food leaning restaurant...they sure do crap Italin food.

Shelley said...

I hate their food.