Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quizno's - Italian Torpedo ($4.40) Rating: 6

Mark Lim - All hands on deck! Here comes a Torpedo! Yes, Quizno's has a new sandwich that rivals Subway's $5 Foot Long and it only costs $4.

It's like those people who make 6 minute Ab workouts to combat the people who make the 7 minute Abs.

The TV commercials for the Torpedo with the smooth talking Oven trying to seduce a sandwich maker is a little too sexual for me but the subs are pretty good. I ordered two Torpedos. This one is the Tuna:

Quiznos, Oh So Fat
Quiznos has a fixin's bar that has different sauces and toppings which is nice
mark lim, oh so fat

Here's the Italian Sub:
torpedo, quiznos, oh so fat
The problem with the Torpedos isn't their taste but in their construction. The bread isn't one piece but built more like a regular sandwich with two pieces of bread that aren't connected. They do this so it's easier to put them through the conveyor toaster but it becomes a huge problem when you try to eat it because it simply falls apart.
torpedo, quiznos, sandwich, oh so fat
If we're talking value then Subway's $5 Foot Long destroys the $4 Torpedo. Why? Because most Subway doesn't charge tax on their $5 Foot Longs but Quiznos does which makes their $4 Torpedoes $4.33.
Quiznos - Italian Torpedo + Tuna Torpedo
Taste ------------ (7) These are good subs
Presentation -----(4) It's messy and falls apart
Price ------------- (5) It's ok but Subway's prices are better
Quantity --------- (6) It's a good amount of food
Satisfaction ----- (6) I was full but I ate two of them

Rating: 6 out of 10
If we're talking taste then I would give Quiznos a slight edge because their ingredients seem a little better but the Subway Subs are much much bigger than the Quizno Torpedos which means they give you more bang for the buck.
The Quiznos Torpedo is a good sub but if there was a Subway next door I'd go there instead because I'm cheap like that.
Be Fat! Be Happy!
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