Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Greek Street Grill

Watching Greek food being prepared always fascinates me. I love ogling that giant hunk of lamb meat slowly rotating on a vertical spit. It takes all my willpower to not beat my chest and grunt as they dish out my plate.

Greek places always have the most adjective packed names. Around us we've got the Fat Greek, the Mad Greek, the Lucky Greek, and my favorite, the Morbidly Obese Slightly Psychotic Greek.

Normally the local spots we go to are kind of "rustic" with sticky tables and meat juice splattered all over the counters. I usually leave these places with my elbows covered in Tzatziki sauce. Eating at the Greek Street Grill was a totally different experience.

The restaurant feels so modern and clean that it confused me. I've been conditioned to think that if you want the most flavor you've got to go to a place that's "well seasoned" with layers of drippings splattered on the walls that can only be acquired through years of neglect.

greek street grill gyro
Greek Street Grill - Gyro, Fries, and Rice

Greek Street Grill's gyros were great and prepared very neatly. The portion isn't as big as the mom and pop places I'm used to but the lamb was moist and jam packed with flavor.

It also seems healthy, right? At least compared to the Most American Thick Burger at Carl's Jr. that has a hotdog in it. At least I can fool myself to think it's healthier than what I'd normally get.

There was something off about the rice though but other than that it's definitely a spot that we've now worked into our office lunch rotation.

I do enjoy the Greek Street Grill and we will be going back. If you're in the Inland Empire area, go check them out!

Be Fat! Be Happy!

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