Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Dim Sum at Hong Kong Palace

Mark Lim - Have you ever seen a white guy eat pork blood cubes? I have. Last Father's Day my wife and I took both our parents and sisters to eat at Hong Kong Palace in Rowland Heights CA. It was quite an experience.

Hong Kong Palace is one of my Asian family's favorite restaurants and I've been there many times in my life and I've actually reviewed it on Oh So Fat before so this blog isn't about the food as much as it is about my new family joining us for one of our favorite Asian traditions.

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Our family - Father-in-Law Don, My Dad, Me, Sister Bree, Wife Lauren, Mother-in-Law Brenda, Sister Chelsea, and My Mom

Pork Blood Cubes, Pork Blood, Beef Blood
Here are the steaming gelatinous Pork Blood Cubes

My Asian family and I have been going to dim sum for many many years and we have never had the courage to try the pork blood cubes. We would watch people order it from across the restaurant and say things like, "I can't believe they're eating that!"

I really didn't want to order a full bowl because if it was disgusting (and it was) I didn't want a pile of it sitting in the middle of our lazy susan. My father talked to the waitress and got us a little sampler plate for all of us to try. The first victim was my Father-in-Law, Don.
We were all very surprised that he didn't vomit. He said it tasted like liver and that boosted our confidence to the point where we all decided to try it too. Bree was second and she said it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. Brenda likes liver so she had a tiny piece and said it wasn't that gross either.

I thought I'd try to out do them and eat the biggest chunk. Boy that was a bad idea.

I don't know exactly why it made me gag. I like liver too but this was like eating liver jello. It was pretty disgusting and I could taste it in my mouth for the rest of the day. There's video of me eating it but it cuts out right after I put it in my mouth.
Dim Sum
My nephew, Dean, trying to eat some goodies
Other than my pork blood experience our Dim Sum day was great. We had wonderful variety and the opportunity to be culinary adventurous. Both sides had a great time sharing stories and eating different types of Chinese cuisine. It was good old fashioned family fun.
I really hope you guys get a chance to share in this interesting and exciting style of dining. I highly recommend it!
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