Monday, February 3, 2014

Bistro Bleu - The Little French Restaurant in the Combat Zone

Mark Lim -  I might be a foodie but as most of you know I am more of a fast foodie than a fine dining foodie. I usually don't drink wine unless I'm shotgunning it out of a box. When my parents told me that they were taking us to a fine French Restaurant it scared me.

When I found out the restaurant was actually in a stabby part of town in a little strip mall I was totally interested.

Bistro Blue, next to a Zumba gym and a video store which I think has to be a front for meth.

The interior of the restaurant was cozy with a heavy blue theme. Blue is an interesting color choice for a restaurant. When I was taking color theory I learned that if you're trying to lose weight you should eat off of blue plates or under a blue light because blue doesn't occur naturally very often in food. This means blue will make your food seem less appetizing. 

Fortunately the quality and care taken to preare the dishes today outweighed any science.

My wife and I excitedly waiting for our culinary trip to France.

Our meal started with a rather unique amuse-bouche. This chilled little soupy shot packed a shockingly intense curry flavor that can only be described as being slapped by the many arms of Vishnu. Even though curry isn't really my thing, the flavors were quite complex and I appreciated it.

The next dish served was Les Escargots a la Provencale ($7). I have this weird love of chewy meat textures and these garlicky snails paired with the salty mushrooms hit the spot. My wife loved the burgundy sauce so much that she sopped every last drop up with the buttery pieces of toast.

After that they brought out the Planche Du Charcutier ($9). This included prosciutto, dry salami, pate, roast beef, pickled baby cucumber, and finely chopped olives. While I didn't really enjoy the meats, the pate was excellent. It was so creamy, flavorful, and decedent that it wanted to make me exercise for the sole purpose eating more of it.

The duck ($22) was also amazing and my favorite of the night. It wasn't gamey or fatty. The salty juicy meat was just perfect. When we go back, this will be what I order.

This was the Pancache De Fruits De Mer ($17). It's a spinach noodle with sauteed shrimp, scallops, and calimari in a Tarragon and white wine sauce. It was quite light and the seafood tasted fresh. This was also excellent.

The Steak Frites ($19) The real star of this dish wasn't the meat but the white buttery glob on top. I don't think I'm sophisticated enough to enjoy wine based sauces. This wasn't the best dish of the night but I still liked it.

For dessert we selected two different items that had to be ordered 25 minutes in advance.

The chocolate souffle was excellent. It was quite petite but perfect for two people. The waitress cracked a hole on top and poured chocolate and cream inside of it. Beautiful.

The peach cobbler was lava hot but the creamy topping cooled it off. It wasn't very sweet or heavy which was a perfect ending to a meal. They were worth the wait.

Category Score Comment
Taste: 8 Lots of authentic enjoyable flavors
Presentation: 9 Beautifully plated dishes
Value 5 We probably could have got 300 Jack in the box tacos for the same price.
Satisfaction: 9I love this place
Rating:9 out of 10

I have to say the service was absolutely incredible. The waiter and waitress psychically knew when to refill our drinks, take our empty plates away, and give us more toast for our pate. The food is marvelous and prepared gorgeously. The serving sizes are a little smaller than I expected for the price but absolutely tasty. This cute little French restaurant was truly a great find. Oh, and we didn't get stabbed.

Bistro Bleu
918 South Magnolia Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92804
(714) 826-3590

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