Monday, January 27, 2014

Yoshinoya Beef Bowl - A Tale of Haunted Memories

Mark Lim - Yoshinoya always brings back horrible memories for me. I was always a fat gluttonous pig, even in high school. One time after class, my friends Alex and Mike took me to eat at Yoshinoya.

After ordering we patiently waited for an eternity. We were salivating from the aroma of beef and sauce. When we finally got our food, Alex decided he needed to go to the bathroom.

My greedy fat ass could not resist reaching into his unguarded bowl and grabbing a handful of that soggy bacon-like meat and inhaling it. When he came back he was furious and confused. His lack of meat drove him into a rage. He blamed me for the atrocity but I was able to convince him that Mike did it and that I would never do something that terrible to someone.

For years he thought Mike had been the one who ruined his life that day until one time at a party I confessed that I stole his beef. I was forever known as The Beef Stealer. Alex even started using Beef Stealer as his screen name when we played video games with each other.

Yoshinoya Beef Bowl
Large Beef Bowl

There's something unique about Yoshinoya. It has a very distinct smell. When you're around it there is no doubt you will recognize that signature stink.

Yoshinoya Beef Bowl

The salty sweet juices are sopped up by the white rice so you get a flavorful burst in every bite. There are soft caramelized onions entwined in the meat threads that give it a varied texture.

Yoshinoya Beef Bowl Mark Lim

Item Serving Size (g) Calories Fat Carbs
Beef Bowl - Large 624g 1060 38g 136g

Half the calories for your entire day, ALL of your fat grams, and close to 80% of your daily carb intake in one meal.

Category Score Comment
Taste: 7
Salty, slightly sweet and meaty
Presentation: 4 There's always that gray brown poop colored meat
Value 7 You get a good amount of food for around $5
Satisfaction: 6 After lunch I scrounged the office cabinets for candy
Rating:7 out of 10

On the right day I will crave Yoshinoya till no end. There's nothing out there quite like it. The smell, the texture, and the unique taste are something that will always give me memories, good and haunting.

Be Fat. Be Happy!

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