Wednesday, January 15, 2014

California Pizza Kitchen

I was given a pizza stone as a gift once and I made it my goal to one day become a master pizzatician. (pieologist?) I mean, how hard could it be? It's only flour, ketchup, and Kraft Singles.

I found a simple recipe for pizza dough which I painstakingly followed to the tee and after much yeast calibrating and frantic fist pounding I had I built the foundation for the perfect pizza civilization... until this happened:

Home Made Pizza

I tried to somehow slide my pizza from a pan to the molten hot pizza stone and inadvertently turned it into a horribly disfigured calzone. After that, I decided to let the stoners at Dominoes make my pizzas.

For lunch today, Dan took us to California Pizza Kitchen. It isn't my favorite place because it's too clean and the pizzas aren't covered in oily cheese sweat.

California Pizza Kitchen Meat Cravers Since we weren't paying we decided to order the most expensive pizzas on the menu. This one is called the "Meat Cravers." It's pretty meaty as advertised.

California Pizza Kitchen Jamaican Jerk Pizza
This is the Jamaican Jerk Pizza. I was a little hesitant about it but it turns out to be a really tasty dish. The meat and the onions are caramelized giving it a delicate sweet/savory balance. It also has a little heat so it gives you a nice little surprise kick.

California Pizza Kitchen Sausage PizzaSausage Pizza, not that exciting.

California Pizza Kitchen Margherita PizzaMargherita Pizza which was simple but turned out to be my favorite of the day.

California Pizza Kitchen Lisa Dan Travis Lisa, Dan, and Travis.

California Pizza Kitchen Group Shots Group Photo (Left to Right): Austin, Tyler, Me, Max, Lisa, and Dan

The thing about California Pizza Kitchen is their crust. I didn't really go through their menu but everything seemed to be on a sturdy thin crust which I don't particularly like. I prefer a soft crust with a little crisp at the bottom.

Would I go back to CPK? I personally wouldn't but if I was invited to go I probably would. It's just not my style.

A little part of me believes that pizza should be eaten at home or next to a ball pit with screaming children while a man in a giant mouse costume contemplates suicide.

Be Fat. Be Happy!
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