Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lazy Man's Kogi Truck Homemade Tacos

Mark Lim - I remember when buying food out of a truck either meant you were poor or you weren't wearing a shirt that day so you couldn't eat inside a restaurant.

Now it's the ultra hipster thing to do like buying storage lockers at an auction or occupying the streets of the white man.

I've never actually eaten out of the truck because I rarely leave the house anymore but the one everyone always talks about is the Kogi Truck.

The Kogi Truck combines the powerful communist secret flavors of North Koreans with the large hat wearing culture of the Mexicans and their version of a flat bread called a "corn tortilla."

Last week, for the first time ever, I saw an Asian man married to a Mexican woman and I believe this is where the idea of the Kogi Truck was born.

Now, I'm too poor to drive to LA and hunt down a truck just for a couple tacos so I decided to make my own this evening replacing all the ingredients with crap in my pantry.

It didn't look that good but it actually was awesome.

1 Chunk of mystery meat that was in the fridge
3 Squirrel sized handfuls of mayonnaise
2 Drip drops of rice wine vinegar
3 Bushels of brown sugar and soy sauce
4 Shot glasses of cabbage
2 Squeezes of Sirachi's hot sauce
4 Corn Tortillas (Mexican version of bread)

All I did was create a marinade with the brown sugar and soy sauce and let the mystery meat soak in there for a while. Then I created a slaw with the mayo and cabbage and drizzled sugar and rice wine vinegar to taste.

Then I cooked the meat in the pan, fried up the tortilla, and put the slaw on top with a little Sirachi's hot sauce and there you have it!

Poor man's Kogi Tacos.

Be Fat! Be Happy!
4 Corn Tortillas
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