Sunday, September 28, 2008

Homemade: Steak and Mushrooms ($3.00)

Mark Lim - Fattening up for winter is harder and quite a bit more expensive than I thought so I've been buying discount meat and cooking it at home like people did in the Depression. Mmm... horse...

I never seem to get it to cook right and probably have some sort of worm living in my stomach because of undercooked meat.

I've also decided to grow a beard as a social experiment to see if they still card me when I go watch a rated R movie.

I've gotten to the point where I'm so sick of steak that I make that "bleuhhh" sound whenever I smell meat cooking.

No one ever taught me how to cook so I've kind of just been experimenting all my life. There have been a few grease fires and second degree burns but I think I'm getting better.

I'll probably be dinning out more the next couple weeks just for my own safety. I've been so out of it lately but I'm coming back around so I'll be able to update this blog. I hope everyone is doing well :)


SnapandPrint said...

I will have to teach you how to cook some kick ass chicken enchiladas when I get down there!

The mushrooms looked good even if the meat was a bit underdone.

tarnishedsilver said...

that looks absolutely disgusting. ha. i hope you feel much better these days

Patricia said...

I remember when you almost started a fire in your kitchen when you were trying to make macaroni and chese when we lived over in La Habra... lolMy fiance will teach you how to cook. HEs awesome!