Friday, June 27, 2008

Maki Sushi - Spicy Pork Combo #57 ($8.95)

The only good thing about working over at my Dad's dry cleaners is I get fed. There's nothing like trying to hold down food after touching a bunch of people's dirty stinky clothes.

One of my favorite things to get is the Spicy Pork Combo #57 from Maki Sushi in Anaheim California:

I like how they advertise "No Skin".

I always eat the combo in order. It goes Tempura first, Rolls second, Spicy Pork and Rice third, and Miso Soup last. I don't eat the Salad because it's way too sweet and I'm a meatatarian.

Mmm... filthy animal

Down the hatch!

Brocolli, Sweet Potato, Shrimp, and Onion Tempura. See mom? I do eat veggies.

The plastic wrapped clothes ensure I don't get soy sauce on everything

Maki Sushi's Spicy Pork Combo #5:
Calories - Bad - Fat - Badder - Sodium - Really Badder - Carbs - Super Badder

I didn't ask for a nutritional guide but that was just my scientific guesstimate.

Taste ------------- (9) Good Stuff! Salad is sweet.
Presentation -----(7) Food looks great.
Price ------------- (6) Awesome portions for the price.
Availability ----- (2) Unless you live by me you wont eat here.
Quantity --------- (9) Great portions. Lots of food.
Satisfaction ----- (9) I always come back for more!

I've never actually been there because my dad picks up the order and gives it to me before he goes home but I picture a huge temple with people banging gigantic drums and lots of chanting and everyone eats on the floor with really cool samurai movies in the background. I don't want to ruin my dream so I'm never going there myself.

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SnapandPrint said...

Tell you dad to get me the same!!! That looks so good!