Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's been in my mouth?

Mark Lim - Mmm unhealthy eating! I started the week trying to eat better (e.g. yogurt, peaches, bananas, other crap) but ended it with a all out passionate prime rib buffet brawl at Morongo Casino.

My body has been craving fruit instead of sour gummy worms and fancy cakes lately which has helped me with my energy levels but has taken a toll on my fatty blogging.

That's why I decided to treat myself to the rocking all you can eat Saturday night buffet at Portrero Canyon Buffet inside Morongo Casino

Getting ready to stuff the face

The Prime Rib Buffet is normally $18.95 but you get a $2 discount with a players club card which makes it almost affordable. The food and selection is pretty good but I usually have to aim for about 4-5 plates like this to get my money's worth.

On Monday Nights they have the $10.95 Mexican Buffet which is an amazing deal because the only difference is they don't have prime rib and crab legs but you'll have to wait about 20-30 minutes in line along with the other cheapskates.
This is the horrible pant load I normally have to eat from 7-Eleven when I'm at work. On Tuesdays Go-Go Taquitos are 75 Cents and Hot Dogs are about $2. Pretty disgusting but you can't beat that price and the walking distance.

My plans for the future is to bring a sandwich to work or something really simple so we can save money and have a nice dinner out at least once a week so I can keep blogging.

Be Fat! Be Happy!

Edit 06/27/16: I just got back from Morongo's Buffet again. If you want to read the new review, click here: Potrero Canyon Buffet.

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JustinM said...

Well it's nice to have you back even if you aren't stuffing your face with triple-patty cheeseburgers.