Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weird Sushi

Mark Lim - When the celestial bodies of boredom, the Food Network, and a fridge full of junk magically align it can produce a whole lot of weird.

So today, on my day off, I was watching Chopped on the Food Network and decided to build the weirdest snack I could from my fridge. I would like to introduce to you:

1) Bacon and String Cheese Sushi Rolls
2) Hot Dog and Chili Sushi Rolls
3) Hot Dog and String Cheese Sushi Rolls

The Bacon and String Cheese ones were ok and so was the hot dog but I think I totally missed the mark when I tried to add Hormel chili, lol.

Oh well, I guess I would have been chopped.

Be Fat! Be Happy!

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