Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ramsey Burger #2 - Burger and Fries Combo ($5.99)

Mark Lim - Some of the best tasting burgers come from small mom and pop shops. Maybe it's the extra care they put into each dish or maybe it's the unregulated sanitary conditions which allow the savory melding of sweat, grease, and rat droppings. Who really knows?

There aren't many good family owned burger places near my house but I've found a nice little place called Ramsey Burger #2 which I eat at on occasion.

It's location is unfortunately sandwiched between a Food 4 Less which is a supermarket that sells terrible knock offs of knock offs and a martial arts dojo filled with angry people kicking things.

Their burgers are smothered with dressing which I really enjoy and compliment the rest of the flavors. The patties are a little thin but their burgers taste pretty good.

I chat with the owner's son about their weekend special menudo which I am looking forward to trying if I ever get a day off on a Sunday. He pours me a little hot sauce from a bottle and tells me to dip my fries in it. It made my eyes water but fills me with the adventurous spirit of a conquistador.

After being surrounded by McDonald's, Burger Kings, Carl's Jrs, and Jack in the Box I forget how nice it is to eat at a place where I'm not treated like a number by a jaded 16 year old mother of two.

Ramsey Burger #2 is a great little place and it's my personal local burger joint. I look forward to eating their till I miss my mortgage payments.

Be Fat! Be Happy!

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Jan said...

Great writing style, can't wait to see more as you were MIA it seemed.