Monday, July 25, 2011

Carl's Jr. Hand Breaded Chicken Fillet Sandwich ($5.00)

Mark Lim - The new Carl's Jr. commercial uses Leonardo DiCaprio like inception to plant the idea in our heads that other fast food companies employ heartless terminators to assemble bread and lifeless cow parts with their cold dead hands.

They want their "Hand Breaded" chicken fillet sandwiches to invoke images of grandma dipping succulent chicken breasts in a homemade batter, waiting patiently till it fries into a crispy perfect golden brown mound of awesome.

But after what I saw at Carl's Jr. yesterday, I'd prefer if machines made my food.

When I got to Carl's I opted out of going through the drive through just so I could watch them "hand bread" my chicken.

I asked, "Do you really hand bread the chicken?" They said yes.

I asked, "Can I watch?" They said it would be ready in 6 minutes and shooed me away.

Other customers began to trickle in so I strategically stood in spot where I could spy the whole chicken breading process. I watched a hairy glove-less man pull out an already cooked chicken breast from a metal bin and slap together my sandwich like a bitter Ford assembly line worker but with much more fondling.

There was no "Hand Breading" or gentle grandma like love in the whole process. I was very sad. I had hopes that my sandwich would be prepared with craftsmanship and heart like the commercial promised but was only met with prison cafeteria efficiency.

The sandwich tasted old and dry, probably because the special sauce looked like it was applied with a Q-tip.

Carl's Jr. - "Hand Breaded" Chicken Fillet Sandwich

Taste ------------ (4) Dry and bland and tough.
Presentation ---(6) Not bad but if it were made by a robot it'd be better
Price ------------- (6) $5 = Chicken hand breaded who knows when
Availability ----- (9) Carl's is everywhere
Quantity --------- (7) Decent sized
Satisfaction ----- (4) Sad. Very sad.

Rating: 5
out of 10

Say what you want about robots but they are consistent and don't touch their face when making your sandwich. Would I get this sandwich again? No, but ask me again in 2025.

Be Fat! Be Happy!

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