Wednesday, January 28, 2009

McDonald's: Big Mac ($1.75) Rating: 4

Mark Lim - Barrack Obama was being inaugurated as the 44th person to become President of the United States so I decided to eat the most patriotic hamburger I could think of:

The Big Mac

McDonald's Big Mac

I swore to myself that I wouldn't go back to McDonald's unless it was a life or death situation but as I passed one on the street I saw a huge sign on the window: 2 Big Mac's for $3.50. Could it be? A Big Mac for $1.75? I couldn't pass up such an awesome deal.

Apparently my roommate saw the sign too so we decided to split 4 Big Mac's for breakfast. He also has some McDonald's horror stories but we felt so cheap that day that we had to do it.

Mmm... "Meat"

Big MacThe Big Mac is a pretty interesting burger. It's got two "meat" patties seperated by a middle bun and sandwiched between lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, special sauce, and another set of buns.

McDonald'S Big MacThe sauce is a sweet and tangy thousand island dressing and gives the Big Mac its unique taste.

McDonald's Big MacIt's really not a bad burger but as the day progresses you begin to feel its effects. I knew it was coming and so did my roommate. After we pounded our 2 Big Mac's a piece we sat around and I kept asking him, "Do you feel it yet? Do you?"

McDonald's - 2 Big Macs
- 1080 - Fat -58g - Sodium - 2080mg - Carbs - 90g

Taste ------------ (6) Pretty good at first. Didn't last though
Presentation -----(8) The box and the burger looked nice
Price ------------- (9) $3.50 for 2? Awesome deal!
Availability ----- (10) Yeah, it's Mcdonald's.
Quantity --------- (9) That's a lot of food for $3.50
Satisfaction ----- (1) I was in pain

Rating: 4 out of 10

Ok, the scores are pretty high for a lot of the categories but the satisfaction factor totally annihilated any of the good points of the Big Mac.

I could not function the rest of the day after eating it. There's something about McDonald's food that just destroys my entire body and causes me to feel like I've been inseminated with a sharp and craggy alien baby.

It was absolutely horrifying. The human body was not meant to ingest 2 Big Macs in one day. I was left broken, depressed, and defeated. I will never do that again.

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Be fat! Be happy!


SnapandPrint said...

I cannto eat a Big Mac..though my brother eats them often.

I get cravings for McDonald's cheeseburgers...because I used to get them as a treat as a kid.

Much tastier. said...

Hey Mark,
I love Big Macs, but had to stop eating them a few years ago because of the feeling in my intestines also. Then I remembered what a TV host Marlyn Hickey a diet pastor said. She said a Big Mac could be good for you because of it's make-up (balanced meal). She said the problem is most people don't chew enough, it needs to be completely mixed with saliva. She said chew at least 40 times on every bite, I tried it, and it worked for me. I also dip them in McDonald's Ketchup (Spicy), I love them, I eat 2 also!
Roger (Annie's husband)
I have to have it with a Hi-C big orange.

Unknown said...

The feeling you get is "chinese restaurant syndrome", caused the the excessive amount of MSG in the two burgers.

oskerko said...

Cucumber looks strange... Why only one and a strange shape?