Monday, February 2, 2009

Chomps Sushi ($25) Rating: 8

Mark Lim - Combine Americanized Japanese dinning with douche bags sporting spiky frosted tip highlights and you've got Chomps. This restaurant is located near the strip of bars near downtown Fullerton (California) and is always full of drunken quad riding mixed martial arts wannabe "Bros" and scantily clad women belting out off key Journey songs. It's got its charms and if you're in the mood it's an awesome place but if you're looking for fine dinning atmosphere look elsewhere.

The food is impressive though. They fuse ingredients like cream cheese and jalapeno salsa into their sushi which give them a really interesting flavor. Their sauces are what make their rolls. The service speed is also amazing.

The first thing we ordered was the Crunch Roll. They fill it with crab, avocado, and tempura shrimp and drizzle a sticky sweet soy sauce all over it. I really enjoyed it.

Lauren and I enjoying our sushi

The next roll we had was a salt water eel roll which was also great. The presentation of the food was well done.

This orange monster is called the Kings Roll. It has shrimp tempura, avocado and crab meat baked with salmon, shrimp and covered in spicy "Cruzin" sauce.

I don't have a very discriminating palate. I can't tell the difference between a freshly made meal and a week old microwaved one but I think this dish was my favorite because the flavor was so much more powerful than the other rolls. I can taste it just by thinking about it. That's totally Jedi.

Our final dish was the Explosion Roll with explosion sauce. Here's the description: "fresh water eel, cream cheese, avocado and crab meat rolled and deep fried tempura style and topped with both our sweet eel and Cruzin' Sauces." I have ordered this before but it wasn't as good this time because there was too much cream cheese. It felt like I was taking a huge bite out of those silver foiled Philidelphia sticks. Sauce was good though.

Chomps Sushi:
Taste ------------ (8) Innovative rolls
Presentation -----(9) The stuff looked great on the plates
Price ------------- (7) It's about $12 a roll
Availability ----- (6) Not a lot around
Quantity --------- (8) I hardly get full on sushi but this was fine
Satisfaction ----- (8) Always enjoy the food. The atmosphere... not so much

Rating: 8 out of 10

When I'm out at a bar I don't mind the drunken screaming but when I'm eating I need some sort of quiet to savor my food. Trying to enjoy a meal to a censored Snoop Dogg's 'Ain't No Fun' (look up the song, it's classic) can be pretty funny though.

The food is totally unique and if you're out with your friends this is a really good place to go. I like Chomps, sometimes.

Be fat! Be happy!

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SnapandPrint said...

Those photos made me hungry!

Despite the looks like it is worth a visit just for the food.