Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pinks vs The Swap Meet Hot Dog

Mark Lim - I crossed my fingers as I neared Pinks and prayed that the line for hot dogs didn't wrap around the building. Usually when I drive by there I see a huge crowd of people that look like they're camping out for Van Halen tickets but this time I was lucky and only had to wait 20 minutes.

On their walls are what seemed like hundreds of autographed photos of celebrities and next to them were signs apologizing for not accepting credit or debit cards. I panicked. I frantically checked my wallet and dug deep into my pockets looking for loose change but was only able to scavenge $4.35. I had visions of eating mounds of uniquely flavored hot dogs and shoveling handfuls of chili fries into my mouth but my dreams were shattered.

Luckily Lauren had $4 and was able to lend me 30 cents so I could get the Triple Bacon Chili and Cheese Hot Dog with Tomatoes.

Mmm... ($4.65)

A woman stared as we took pictures of each other with our new meaty friends and probably thought, "Damn those tourists!"

The greasy juicy goodness dripped all over my face and hands as I ate my Triple Bacon Chili and Cheese Hot Dog with Tomatoes and a tear slowly fell from my eye. We live in an awesome country.

The World Famous Pinks Chili Dog with Onions ($3.10)

My only regret is that I didn't get to try the many awesome specialty hot dogs like the "Huell Howser" that has two hot dogs in one bun or the Ozzy Spicy Dog with a Polish sausage, nacho cheese, and guacamole. Simply amazing.

709 N. La Brea Blvd.
LA, CA 90038

If you've ever been in LA there are illegal hot dog vendors cooking up special "Border Style Hot Dogs" on little stoves or even shopping carts on random corners of the street. These dirty little dogs are some of my favorite things to eat.

I was at the Santa Fe Swap Meet and had a found a nice Border Style Hot Dog booth and sampled one of their combos.

I had to use my cellphone camera because I forgot my memory card but luckily we were at the swap meet and I was able to haggle for one after lunch.

Mine was covered with Mayo, Relish, Grilled Onions, Jalapenos, with a Hot Dog wrapped in Bacon. It was pretty good but it lacked the whole purchasing it from a woman cooking your meat on aluminum foil on a busy street.

Both hot dogs from Pinks and the Swap Meet rocked and I could have probably eaten 4 more if they let me unbutton my pants. It was a cool experience to go to such an awesome eatery landmark. Maybe one day they'll hang my photo up at Pinks:

Be Fat! Be Happy!

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SnapandPrint said...

Thta is one thing I regret not doing in NYC...eating a hotdog from a vendor.

The person I was staying with even bought one while with me and I just didn't think to do that myself. I hear that vendors have the best hotdogs!

Pinks looks great...I need to try one of their hotdogs next time I am in L.A.