Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Guys - Double Cheese Burger with EVERYTHING - $6.00

Mark Lim - What does "Five Guys" mean? Did five guys start the chain? Can only five guys be in the establishment at once or it becomes a fire hazard? Is it code for some sort of homosexual eatery?

The name is still a mystery to me because I am too lazy to Google it.

It didn't matter. I was worn, beaten, and berated all morning and I was determined to make up for all of it during my precious lunch break.

The first thing you notice is the old fashioned diner look with a concise menu and self congratulatory signage all over the walls.

The second thing is the boxes and boxes and boxes of help-yourself-peanuts which I assume are picked at constantly by the homeless.

And finally you have the massive softball sized burgers. If you know me, I had to order EVERYTHING on the list of available savories which included: Mayo, Lettuce, Pickles, Tomatoes, Grilled Onions, Grilled Mushrooms, Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Onions, Jalapeno Peppers, Green Peppers, A.1. Steak Sauce, BBQ Sauce, and Hot Sauce.

This was actually my second time eating here and I was very disappointed the first time. The burger didn't taste very meaty and tasted more like a backyard BBQ style burger that I would make at home.

The second time however, was awesome. I don't know what made it better but it just tasted different to me. I still have an issue with it not being as meaty as I'd like but my second visit was much more enjoyable.

The burger exploded but it was pretty darn good. I'm still not quite used to the fries since they're thick and cooked in peanut oil and lack that familiar salty oily goodness you get at most fast-food joints.

Another thing that impressed me was the choice of Cajun Fries and the extra scoop they put in your bag to top off your order. I always love to have those extra jibs floating around at the bottom of the bag after you think you're out of them.
Five Guys - Double Cheeseburger with EVERYTHING
Taste ------------ (8) So much stuff. Probably won't get the green peppers next time
Presentation ---(9) Packed from bun to bun
Price ------------- (9) $6 = Great value burger + unlimited nuts
Availability ----- (6) I think it's just a west coast thing
Quantity --------- (9) A lot of bang for your buck
Satisfaction ----- (8) Great burgers. I'll have to try the hotdog

Rating: 8
out of 10

Wonderful place if you haven't tried it out. I went there again last night just to give the Cajun Fries a second shot. Still not into it but the burgers are superb.

Be Fat! Be Happy!


Jan said...

It is actually available out here in the East Coast!

I have one in my town and another 15 mins down the highway.

Love the unlimited toppings.

Jan said...

Also, here is my review out here in NJ:

(I swear I did not steal my blog name from you. Heh ... I got mine from mom. Then I googled my blog and yours popped up!)

Flem said...

Finally I have found someone else who has embrace the inevitable fact of obesity! I love Five Guys and it actually started on the east coast, but they're everywhere now. Thanks for the tips, I am going to try this option now.
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Amanda Campbell said...

Yes Five Guys is where it's at! I absolutely love this place and your eagerness to stuff down the next great burger! I have only been there once, in Massachusetts, but I would love to go again as the burger was so delicious and packed! I agree about the fries but they always love to give you extra so how can i be mad at that!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it began on the East Coast, but it's amusing to yet again see a Californian claim credit for everything just because they found it in California.

Anonymous said...

Five Guys started right here in Arlington, Virginia. The "five guys" refers to the size of the crew that worked in the original joint.

Mmmm, five guys...

Anonymous said...

they are all over florida

4Czech said...

Love the simplicity of this place. We have them here in Chicago as well. I think the double is pretty solid but a step below a chargrilled Portillo burger. Cool blog!

jade said...

They have the all-time favorite Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Best Food Truck In LA