Monday, October 19, 2009

Burger King - Angry Tendercrisp ($5.20) Rating: 9

Mark Lim - It took me to another world, a world where burger patties floated in space like stars and french fries grew on swaying trees. I swam in a sea of chicken nuggets and scaled the peaks of onion straw mountains. A tear rolled down my cheek. This was an awesome burger.

I had never seen anything like this at Burger King before. This was a massive mount of meat, bread, and filling. It felt like an Olympic shot put cannon ball stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Burger King usually has THE WORST quality control when it comes to building their burgers but this one exploded with goodness. I present to you Burger King's Angry Tendercrip

Angry Tendercrisp, Burger King, Oh So Fat
I was surprised with the amount of jalapenos, onion straws, and tomatoes they gave me

Angry Tendercrisp, Burger King, Oh So Fat
Stuffed to the gills with all their promised goodies

Angry Tendercrisp, Burger King, Mark Lim, Oh So Fat
Enjoying the only Burger King Burger that I've ever loved

Burger King's - Angry Tendercrisp
Taste ------------ (9) It's actually spicy this time! Awesome
Presentation ---(8) Packed but super messy
Price ------------- (8) $5 = Average burger price
Availability ----- (9) Burger King is everywhere
Quantity --------- (9) Surprising amount of tasties
Satisfaction ----- (9) I was very very excited and pleased

Rating: 9 out of 10
Location Location Location. Two weeks ago I moved to a brand new town and their Burger King is so much better than my old Burger King. Check out some of the bad burgers I've had at my old store: Steakhouse - Steakhouse XT - Angry Whopper

I'm so ecstatic about having Fast Food places around me that aren't afraid to pile on the toppings. I'm definitely going to have to treat myself out to lunch more :)

Be Fat! Be Happy!


JustinM said...

Finally a product we agree on! I thought the Angry Whopper was terrible and the Tendercrisp was good.

SnapandPrint said...

Location Location Location! It makes a big difference.

Anonymous said...

I tried the Angry Whopper and I Really enjoyed it.

However, when I got the Angry Tendercrisp, the only thing inside my bag was a burger with a bad attitude

angry tendercrisp

jade said...

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