Monday, March 23, 2009

Carl's Jr: Kentucky Bourbon Burger ($4.00) Rating: 2

Mark Lim - I think I threw up more times after eating Carl's Jr's new Kentucky Bourbon Burger than I did when I drank a whole bottle of Jim Beam.

I truly hate this burger.

The sauce was sweet like a Jolly Rancher covered in maple syrup and the entire burger is SOAKED in it. Oh, and they always give you that crappy thick white part of the lettuce which is disgusting.

Kentucky Bourbon Burger, Oh So Fat
I think some fancy Onion Straws might have helped...

Kentucky Bourbon Burger, Oh So Fat
...if they had put any on it!

Kentucky Bourbon Burger, Oh So FatWatch out! It's trying to throw up!

Carl's Jr: Kentucky Bourbon Burger

Taste ------------ (2) Disgustingly sweet
Presentation -----(2) That was an ugly burger
Price ------------- (3) $4? Worth $1.50 at the most
Quantity --------- (4) As big as a DVD
Satisfaction ----- (1) Vomit

Rating: 2 out of 10

Fast food is starting to piss me off. Instead of having gimmicks like the Candied Yam Burger they should try and learn to make a decent normal burger first.

There are guys like me who are too stupid and lazy to cook and we depend on fast food to survive. My dream is that one day someone from a big company will see my blog and say, "That burger looks disgusting. Let's try and make better ones."

If they can't fix the quality of something as simple as a burger I think you'd better start get used to using chopsticks because America is going to be taken over by China.

Be Fat! Be Happy!


Shelley said...

That burger looks truly disgusting! did someone sit on it? bleck!

JustinM said...

I didn't hate it as much as you did, I just considered it another one of Carl's crappy burgers. BTW, the onions straws were the only good thing on the burger, if I hadn't had those I probably would have hated it, too.

SnapandPrint said...

That just looks like throw up in a bun!

Glad you ate it and not me. :)

Sharo said...

That burger looks painful! Down here Carl's Jr is called Hardee's, and their burgers are decent. It's their fries (and for breakfast, their home fries) that I truly adore.

SteelSoldier888 said...

yeah, his retarded, tasteless ass took UNFLATTERING PICS of the burger! Hello, gullible americans! This kind of thinking is how GW bush was able to steal 2 elections! The damn bourbon burger was DElicious, flawless, the best burger ever... but you wouldn't know, because you just looked at this guy's stupid biased pictures. he wants a ketchup cheeseburger. fine. If you're sick of the same-old-same-old-same-old like me, you should have done yourself a favor with this one. But now, of course, its too late, since a few dead, conformist taste buds said this slough enough times the company cancelled it. Thanks. here's puke in yer eye, buddy.

Will travel for food! said...

I actually liked the burger fine...granted I did have the onion straws on it but I enjoyed the sauce more than the usual ketchup and mayo crap. lots of these I can agree on with you but I gotta say i think you were wrong on this one.

Anonymous said...

I would have liked this burger - the onion straws were good, the meat was fine, and the sauce has an Ok flavor, but it was disgustingly and arbitrarily sweet - not like their barbeque sauce, which is sweet but tastes more or less like how barbeque sauce is supposed to taste. This was more like they dumped a tablespoon of sugar on top of the burger, or dipped it in corn syrup or something.

Anonymous said...

I had lunch there and found the burger to be the best! I now eat there 2-3 times a week. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Excellent burgers, my favorite place to eat.

jade said...

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