Monday, March 9, 2009

Mad Wolf: All You Can Eat Mongolian BBQ ($8.00) Rating: 8

Mark Lim - I like to think of Mongolian BBQ style eating as a contest between myself and the restaurant. Normally it works just like a buffet except you only get one bowl and one turn. This leads to an interesting battle.

The owners of the restaurants freeze their meats in tubular shapes so they take up more space in your bowl which increases their profit margin because you have room for less food.

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What I do is insert smaller rolls of meat inside the larger rolls so I get more value. After I'm done I press the contents of the bowl down like I'm crushing a can of soda to I create more room for toppings and noodles. Yes, I am that cheap.

Anyway, I found a great place in Fullerton California called Mad Wolf that offers unlimited Mongolian BBQ for only $8! What a deal!
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The process is a little different at lunch time. Instead of packing your own meat the waitress comes to your table and asks you what kind you want and then gets you a bowl of it. After that you go to the toppings bar where you load up on things like onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, cilantro, carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, and top it off with noodles.

There's also a section with teriyaki, spicy, mild, ginger, and garlic sauces that you can combine to create different flavors for your Mongolian BBQ.
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The final step is to bring your bowl to their chef who will cook your food on a super hot giant space saucer looking thing while you watch. It's pretty fun.

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My favorite combo is Beef, Mushrooms and Tomatoes .
Oh So Fat, Mad Wolf, Mark Lim, Poison Apple Shirts

Mad Wolf: All You Can Eat Mongolian BBQ
Taste ------------ (7) Noodles and meat just the way you like it
Presentation -----(7) I love the whole process of Mongolian BBQ
Price ------------- (9) $8 is an awesome deal for all you can eat
Quantity --------- (10) Eat till you pass out!
Satisfaction ----- (8) It's pretty fun and you definitely get your fill

Rating: 8 out of 10
I feel like I'm a part of the creation process when I eat here and I always want to try out a new combination. Mad Wolf is a great restaurant to eat at and it's a wonderful value. If there isn't one around you should still check out Mongolian BBQ style eating. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself :)

Mad Wolf
4110 N Harbor Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92835

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