Monday, January 19, 2009

Burger King: Angry Whopper ($5.60) Rating: 6

Mark Lim - Burger King has unleashed a brand new spicy dirty bomb in my mouth in hopes to turn the tides of the Burger Wars. What is this Weapon of Mass Deliciousness you ask? It's The Angry Whopper.

After seeing the commercial on TV I started to mentally prepare myself for consumption. I imagined that eating it would cause me to hallucinate and travel to a magical land with pyramids and a talking coyote voiced by Johnny Cash much like Homer did when he ate the Guatemalan Insanity Pepper.

So after much meditation and milk drinking I went to my local Burger King and purchased an Angry Whopper.

I was very pleased because the burger actually looked good. The Burger King I purchased it from was in a much nicer neighborhood than the one I usually get it from so your experience will vary depending on which Burger King you go to.

After opening the hood I saw that the spicy onions and jalapenos were few and far between. It was nothing like the billboard and commercials. Surprise Surprise.

I took a monster bite and waited for fire to shoot out of my mouth but there was nothing. Not even a tiny little tingle. I was hoping to bust out of my shirt like the Hulk or be furious like I had been blamed for a crime committed by the One-Armed-Man but was more like, "Aww, man! Someone deleted my favorite Tivo show! Oh, but wait... they're going to show it again in an hour." kind of angry.

I was so disappointed that there was no heat or spice that it overshadowed the fact that the burger was actually pretty good. If someone on the street had handed me this burger and asked me if I liked it I would say I did but since they hyped it up to be a nuclear bomb in your mouth I was very unsatisfied.

Burger King - Double Angry Whopper
- 1120 - Fat -55g - Sodium - 1720mg - Carbs - 59g

Taste ------------ (7) Pretty good. Not Spicy though
Presentation -----(7) Looked good in the rich side of town
Price ------------- (1) $5-$6 Way too expensive
Availability ----- (8) Lots of them around
Quantity --------- (6) It's decent sized
Satisfaction ----- (3) Taste the meat not the heat

Overall it's a good burger if you don't mind spending $6 on an overpriced overrated marketing gimmick. It's certainly the best burger I've reviewed from Burger King.

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SnapandPrint said...

It's not hot like advertised? Count me out.