Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Burger King Steakhouse Burger ($4.70)

Mark Lim - The Burger Wars have escalated to epic proportions and companies are now forced to use fancier sounding meats to assure Mutually Assured Deliciousness. Today I tried the Burger King Steakhouse Burger:

That actually looks pretty good. It's got all those tasty crunchy onion pieces and that nice grilled Angus beef. I'm in for a treat!


The grayish boiled looking mystery patty seems to change colors like a chameleon as you look at it from different angles.

Mmm... Lopsided...

My lettuce was spread like the Hawaiian islands with a rare splash of onion straws (which I was hoping to get a plenty of)

Maybe it was because I hadn't eaten all day but the burger actually was pretty good. It looked like I found it in the dumpster but it tasted different from all the other options in the Burger Wars.

After a half an hour or so my stomach started feeling queasy but maybe it was because I ate my multivitamin and it was trying to fight this unhealthy beast.

Here's the nutritional breakdown:

Burger King Steakhouse Burger:
Calories - 970 - Fat - 55g - Sodium - 2190mg - Carbs - 63

HOLY CRAP. Did I just eat that? Oh, man. To burn this burger off I would have to walk vigorously for about 3:30 hours.

Taste ------------- (7) Not too shabby
Presentation -----(2) That was an ugly burger
Price ------------- (3) Almost $5 just for the burger!
Availability ----- (7) Burger Kings don't stay open that late
Quantity --------- (7) It was pretty big
Satisfaction ----- (4) I wasn't hungry but I started feeling sick

Overall this was a decent tasting burger but is about as healthy as eating fried butter. Of course, it's not going to be packed with vitamins but eating one is half your daily caloric intake. Damn, I'm going to be so fat.


Unknown said...

you can never really expect a burger to look like the picture, unless that's the norm wherever you are. also, some lazy people must have put your burger together cause that looks really bad. and i don't mean lazily put the burger together bad but like put all the contents of the burger in the wrapper without form bad. i've never had a steakhouse that looked as bad as that.

and now i'll go buy one

Anonymous said...

It is the best burger in the world in my opinion. I swore never to eat another kind of burger for a looong time :D I love it! Yours unfortunately looks bad...

Unknown said...

I wold be very sadden too see a burger like that, with that poor quality.
I feel sorry that you had to have such a shitty burger.
Where i live and go for burger king they make some alright looking, plus tasting burgers.
But your reviews are great!