Thursday, June 26, 2008

Subway's 6'' Tuna Sandwich ($3.89)

Mark Lim - Oh, Jared. Why am I not loosing weight? How the hell did your fat ass lose 240 pounds eating party subs? That drives me nuts.

Here's what I ended up inhaling after stumbling around in the middle of LA at 1:30 in the morning:

The Subway 6'' Tuna Sub with all the fixins

Mine looked like an amputated forearm bleeding mustard

Is there an national olive shortage that I'm not aware of? It looks like the tuna is so grossed out that it's trying to escape my sandwich.

That's my "I'm hammered and need to eat a fistful of mayo" face

I actually CRAVE Subway's Tuna sandwiches and when the urge hits me I have to eat one. It wasn't very pretty but I really liked my meal. I think. I don't remember.

Subway's 6'' Tuna Sandwich:
Calories - 530 - Fat - 31g - Sodium - 1010mg - Carbs - 44

I guess this is the healthiest thing I've eaten for this website so far but a bag of carrot sticks it ain't. To burn this sandwich off I would need to do 45 minutes of continuous jump roping.

Taste ------------- (8) I like me my gooey tuna
Presentation -----(3) Not really that pleasing to the eye
Price ------------- (6) $3.89 for a 6'' isn't too bad
Availability ---- (10) This Subway was open 24 Hours
Quantity --------- (7) It's a decent size
Satisfaction ----- (7) It may be ugly but it filled me up

It all depends which store you get it from. It's a good sandwich. I like it even when I am sober.


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Jómy said...

They're like... my bread and butter...

and mayo. XDDDD