Tuesday, December 13, 2016

PF Changs, Pizza, a Lost Tooth and Broken Promises

I've been a little self conscious about taking pictures and doing food reviews lately because I'm getting even more super fat and lazy. "Alexa, order me a pizza!" (I got an Alexa for myself and it's pretty awesome)

It's also really hard to lose weight when your boss takes you out to eat. My philosophy has always been that free food trumps diets and unlimited pizza trumps common sense.

We ate at PF Changs yesterday and it wasn't good despite the amount of food I ate.

On top of that, my wife is really into saving the environment and she's got these cool metal straws. Of course the first time I  use one I knock out a tooth! Ridiculous!

Luckily one of our clients is one of the best dentists in Los Angeles and was able to fix me up really fast. Dr. Paz from Atlantic Dental Group is amazing and has some of the most affordable dental implants in California.

On top of the low prices, he made a deal with me to give me a discount if we made a video of one of his procedures. I'm really thankful for Dr. Paz and his staff. Here's a pic from our adventure:

I hope to be getting back to blogging as the new year rolls around and I start making some more resolutions that I won't keep. I really am going to try to keep them this time!

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