Monday, April 11, 2016

Pho Star Bowl - Avocado Smoothie

I had brought a salad to work but the people in my office decided to go to Pho Star Bowl, a Vietnamese restaurant, near our work. I wanted to just stay in office and watch Youtube videos of goats screaming and cry into my salad but they forced me to go with them.

I told myself that I wouldn't get anything but I ended up ordering an Avocado smoothie with boba. Unfortunately they didn't have boba which is kind of funny because they advertise that they have boba so I just got the smoothie part.

Avocado Smoothie - Pho Star
Pho Star Bowl Avocado Smoothie

The picture in the menu of the drink was bright green but when she gave it to me it was a beige which was kind of weird. I know the green color doesn't really mean anything but it was visually less appealing. The smoothie itself was quite good because it wasn't too sweet and had a really creamy texture. There's not much of an avocado taste but there's a hint of it.

It reminded me of when I was a kid and my parents mashed up avocados with milk and sugar in a bowl and we ate it like pudding.

Dan slurping up some pho

The worst part of ordering just a drink at a restaurant is listening to the people next to you make slurping and chewing noises. Oh well. Healthy and cheap are my new mottos.

Be Healthy! Be Cheap!

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