Sunday, January 8, 2012

Homemade Sushi

Mark Lim - Some people say that American blood flows through my Asian veins.

Yes, I married a white woman.

Yes, I own two chihuahuas and don't plan to eat them.

Yes, I put mayonnaise on everything, even my sushi.

I've tried to Americanize sushi before and failed miserably. (Read here) Now I know that hot dogs, bacon, and Hormel chili do not make good fillers for rice and dried seaweed.

This time I tried a more traditional approach. The first thing I did was purchase discount cooked shrimp at the local Food4Less. The trick is to look for the package that has the most stickers on it that say "Buy this now and it eat it fast because if you wait too long to eat it you will probably die. Here's $2 off. - Seafood Department Manager"

After that, I put some mayo and Saracha hot sauce in a food processor with the shrimp and blend it all to make the awesome filling.

Next, I just take the sushi rice (rice with rice wine vinegar/sugar/salt) and spread it on the "Nori" or seaweed paper, place the shrimp filling in the middle, roll it up, and cut it into small pieces.

It's actually pretty easy. Hopefully next time I will be using raw salmon but I'm a little scared to buy fish at the local craphole supermarket and eat it raw.

Anyway, Be Fat! Be Happy!


Anonymous said...

Mark, make more burger reviews plz. They are the highlight of my day.

pete said...

hey you should try out a sushezi. i got one on amazon and and now im omnipotent