Monday, September 14, 2009

Burger King - Mushroom Swiss Steakhouse XT ($6.00) Rating: 2

Mark Lim - Before I pulled up to the drive-thru I decided I would let a Burger King employee pick which burger I would eat that day.

I didn't realize how much of a hassle it would be.

Me: "Hi. What burger do you recommend?
BK: "Umm... (10 second pause) Let me talk to my manager."
Me: "Wait! Just tell me what new burgers you have."
BK: "Umm... we have no new burgers."
Me: "Yes you do. I can see them right there.
BK: " Let me get my manager"

As I talked to the manager through the drive-thru speaker I realized that I would have to choose my own destiny. I ended up selecting the Mushroom Swiss Steakhouse XT which I'm sure they spit on.

carl's jr, steakhouse xt, mushroom swiss, oh so fat

You have to play that sound clip when you look at that picture.

carl's jr, steakhouse xt, mushroom swiss, oh so fat
I will never forget the great mushroom famine of 2009
Can you really call it a Mushroom and Swiss Burger when they only give you one mushroom?

mark lim, oh so fat
A disappointed look
carl's jr, steakhouse xt, mushroom swiss, oh so fat
My burger screams in pain as I bite into it
Burger King. - Mushroom Swiss Steakhouse XT
Taste ------------ (3) The steakhouse patty is ok. Can't taste much else
-----(1) Looks like someone made it with their feet
------------- (3) $6 and they don't even give you mushrooms
--------- (4) It's got a lot of bun
----- (1) Another disgusting looking cow pie

Rating: 2 out of 10

I don't have too much to say about the Mushroom Swiss Burger other than it's another sad display of indifference. I have worries about future of society when I look at carelessly made burgers. I imagine the same people making my food are the same people putting together cars, doing construction work for buildings, and spawning. The latter scares me the most.

If we can teach our children to take pride in making burgers with lots of mushrooms then maybe in time our world will be a better place. It all has to start somewhere.

Be fat! Be Happy!


SnapandPrint said...

That would have pissed me off. It looks nothing like the ad photo! I would write strongky worded email to corporate about that!

Superior Politics said...

Looks exactly like what i had the other night. What a waste of time and money. A double cheeseburger is more fulfilling than this thing.

ShaneH said...

did you order it without the tomatoes and lettuce then complain it doesn't look like the picture?

Unknown said...

Actually no, that's the thing.It doesn't come with lettuce and tomato but for some reason the picture has it. I ordered it with no special instructions.

Unknown said...

Oh, and they forgot to put Onion Straws on it! How bad is that?

Unknown said...

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