Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shogun Sushi - All You Can Eat! ($27.00) Rating: 7

Mark Lim - The world is filled with epic battles between good and evil. Luke Skywalker fought Darth Vader, Al Gore wages war against Global Warming, and I try to conquer All You Can Eat Sushi Buffets.

My victim last weekend was Shogun Sushi in Yucaipa California. It was a long fight but I came out victorious.

sushi, hot night, tempura, oh so fat, shogun sushi
The "Hot Night" Roll - Shrimp Tempura, Roe, Avocado, in a special spicy sauce. By far the favorite of the night. Ordered it twice!

sushi, dragon roll, oh so fat, shogun sushi
The "Dragon" Roll - Eel and Avocado in a sweet sauce. Always a favorite

mark lim, lauren severe, oh so fat,
A picture of me and my fiance preparing for our sushi battle

sushi, spicy salmon, oh so fat, shogun sushi
Spicy Salmon Roll with Raw Salmon, Jalapenos, and a spicy sauce. It wasn't very flavorful and a little too hot. I didn't like it too much.

sushi, crunch roll, oh so fat, shogun sushi
Crunch Roll - Crab Meat, Avocado, and little crunch toppers in a sweet sauce. Good texture.

sushi, cream cheese, oh so fat, shogun sushi
Another Tempura Roll and a Cream Cheese Roll. The Cream Cheese Roll had raw salmon, crab meat, and avocado. I think there was too much cream cheese. I've had better versions elsewhere.

sushi, vegas roll, oh so fat, shogun sushi
The "Vegas" Roll - Crab Meat, Avocado, and Cucumber battered and deep fried. It was too startchy and lacked flavor. The hip name and apperance threw me for a loop. This was probably the most disappointing roll I've ever had.

Shogun Sushi - All You Can Eat Sushi Buffet
Taste ------------ (8) There are some great rolls but a couple misses
Presentation -----(7) The plating was appetizing
Price ------------- (5) I've been to better places for $27
Quantity --------- (8) They charge double if you don't finish
Satisfaction ----- (6) You leave full but it's probably better to order single rolls instead of the buffet

I enjoyed myself at Shogun Sushi but there were harsh rules that had to be followed while eating all you could.

The first rule was if you had any left overs they would charge you double the price. I got to the point where I couldn't shove any more food down my throat and still had an entire 8 piece sushi left. It took all my strength and will power to finish and it made me sick.

The second rule was you only had 1 hour to eat so I was frantically ordering as much as I could and didn't get to slowly savor the sushi.

Overall I thought it was pretty good food but I wouldn't get the All You Can Eat for $27 again. It's much more relaxing and cost effective to order each roll separately. We were full after about $40 worth of sushi but our greediness forced us to eat a nauseous $80 worth.

If you're ever in Yucaipa and want to try Shogun Sushi, here is the address:

Shogun Sushi
33527 Yucaipa Blvd # 0
Yucaipa, CA 92399-2029
(909) 790-4778

Be Fat! Be Happy!


SnapandPrint said...

I would so lose the "All You Can Eat" battle because I am not a huge eater.

Unknown said...

I *am* a huge eater and actually oh, so fat, and if you're ever in Studio City I recommend Midori Sushi's all you can eat lunch buffet. I think it's $25 last time I went and they have similar nazi rules: 1 hr to finish and you're charged double on whatever you don't finish. But they have good quality sushi, and once you've figured out your favorites and what to order, it is totally worth it. If you do it right, you can consume about $40-50 worth of sushi for those $25. Sure you may need a shoehorn and a handtruck to get you out of there afterward, but it's still awesome.

Sparrrky said...

Makes me so hungry... I'd sure love to eat there. The sushi looks awesome! I've never tried sushi with avocados though. Always with Mangoes here.