Monday, June 29, 2009

Jack in the Box - Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwiches ($3.99) Rating: 5

Mark Lim - Burger technology has advanced leaps and bounds over the past couple months. Gone are the ways of the big greasy bacon packed behemoths of yesteryear. Mini is in.

Much like cellphones and trendy dogs, burgers have gotten smaller and smaller. The new mini on the market is the Jack in the Box Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich:

Oh So Fat, Mini Chicken Sandwiches, Jack in the Box
3 Pack of Mini-ness

I actually like the concept of the Mini Burger. They're small and neatly put together. It's easier to portion out if you want to save some for later and they're much cleaner to eat.

Oh So Fat, Mark Lim
Sampling a baby burger

Jack's Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwiches aren't very good. The patty is just slightly larger than a dinosaur chicken nugget and tastes just as good as a microwaved one. If they had used quality meat from their chicken fingers it would have been a much better burger.

Oh So Fat, Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwiches, Jack in the Box
Acrobatic Mini Burgers

Another thing that disturbs me about the burger is the amount of Frank's Red Hot Sauce they put on them. I like hot sauce in small quantities but sometimes they drench the entire sandwich in it ruining the flavor.

Oh So Fat, Mini Chicken Sandwiches, Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box - Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich

Taste ------------ (5) Too much sauce not enough chicken
Presentation -----(6) They look ok. Nothing to brag about
Price ------------- (6) $3.99? I can get 4 double cheese burgers for that
Quantity --------- (5) The key word here is "Mini"
Satisfaction ----- (4) Naw, not going to get this again

Eh, I expected way too much. I actually really liked their Mini Sirloin Burgers but their Mini Chickens are pretty gross. Steer clear, Cowboy.

Oh, I'll leave you with this video of me trying to fit them into my mouth:

Be Fat! Be Happy!


SnapandPrint said...

The video made me laugh!

They taste like microwaves chicken fingers drenched in hot sause? I pass!

Shelley said...

Mini is in! ...but I think that should only apply to cars! That video was funny, but ewww those burgers look nasty!

JustinM said...

Interesting. I had the opposite opinions: The mini sirloin burgers I had were dried-out, flavorless patties on stale buns. But the mini buffalo chicken were great, tasty fried pieces of chicken on soft buns. To each his own, I guess!

Punk Palate said...

yeah, i don't think it's to each his own, I think it is we are the mercy of the jitb employee. Any fast food is a gamble... you feel lucky?

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Thank you! I didn't know they picked up on it until I saw your comment.

ottawa storage said...

This looks yummy! The funny thing about mini burgers is, the smaller it gets, the more you will eat. You can sometimes fit the whole thing into your mouth.