Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Claim Jumpers - Frisco Burger ($10.00) Rating: 9

Mark Lim - Before my Frisco Burger came I polished off a Mozzarella Cheese Stick, a Southwest Eggroll, 6 Onion Rings, a Loaded Potato Skin, a Buffalo Wing, a Fried Zucchini, a half boat of Ranch Dressing, and some pieces of Artichoke. If I wasn't with family I would have been quite embarrassed.

This was a critical error because by the time my burger was ready I was already in a food coma.

Claim Jumpers, appetizer combo, Mark Lim, Oh So Fat, Poison Apple Shirts
The Monstrous Appetizer Combo

What made me realize that I actually really really liked Claim Jumper's Frisco Burger was that even after gorging myself on half of the monster appetizer plate I was still able to eat most of my meal.

Claim Jumpers, Frisco Burger, Mark Lim, Oh So Fat, Poison Apple Shirts

The Frisco Burger might not be for everyone because it has a little sweet in it. My mother thought it was disgusting because it tasted like candy but I loved it.

Claim Jumpers, Frisco Burger, Oh So Fat,

The Frisco Burger consists of a wonderful Emmenthaler Swiss cheese on a burger patty cooked to your liking with lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes covered with 1000 Island dressing all wrapped up in a grilled parmesan sourdough. It was delicious even when my stomach was already about to explode.

Claim Jumpers, Frisco Burger, Mark Lim, Oh So Fat, Poison Apple Shirts

Claim Jumpers - Frisco Burger
Taste ------------ (9) The flavors all worked together perfectly
Presentation -----(7) Not the prettiest but it sure was good
Price ------------- (7) $10 for a Burger and Fries ain't bad for a restaurant
Quantity --------- (8) Just about right. Couldn't really judge though
Satisfaction ----- (9) I definitely will be eating this again

Maybe it's because I'm just so used to eating $1 burgers from fast food joints that I forget that there are actually quality meals out there. It's good to treat yourself to something nice once in a while. I don't feel so... cheap.

Oh, I got up at 4:30am the next morning and polished off the rest of the Frisco Burger. I had dreams about it and I just had to finish it.

Be Fat! Be Happy!


JustinM said...

I once ate an entire order of mozzarella sticks at Claim Jumper, and the cheese sticks from the appetizer combo. And then a barbecue chicken pizza. I was 21 (and drunk.) My stomach hurt for 4 days.

Shelley said...

Hahaha! I like that you had to finish it! That is the true test... ya it's good, but will I dream about it?

Anonymous said...

you've sold me on this place... i will have to check it out.

SnapandPrint said...

I have never been to Claim Jumpers...no restaurantds of that chain here.

I like how they serve the burgers in bread...that appeals to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Mark! Seriously why do I go and torture myself when i'm already so hungry! When I come to CA, I'll have to try this place out :) Now I'll be the one dreaming about your food tonight!

Unknown said...

claim jumper is up there with in in out and burger king

Max said...

Shame they don't have one in KC, this sounds really good.

jade said...

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