Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beach Pit: Tri-Tip w/Mac & Cheese + Cornbread ($17) Rating: 4

Mark Lim - If you're craving real southern wood smoked BBQ and don't care much about how your food tastes then The Beach Pit is the perfect place for you! The Beach Pit is an overpriced BBQ joint that tries to make up for it's sub par food with a nice decor.

I had the Tri-tip with Macaroni & Cheese and Blueberry Cornbread for $17. Ha

Ain't she pretty?

The presentation of the food looks so horrible. It looks like a Frankenstein leftover meal someone threw on a plate and then microwaved. $17? Are you kidding me? No, really. Are you seriously kidding me?

Trying to smile but very disappointed.

The salad was actually pretty good and looked well prepared but I didn't go to a BBQ place to eat vegetables.

Here's another picture of their BBQ-Ala-Half-Assed

The blueberry cornbread was great but was salty because of the tears of disappointment I was crying.

The sweet potato fries were also pretty good but doesn't make up for the lack of good meat.

The Mac & Cheese wasn't bad but I could have boiled a box at home.

Beach Pit - Tri-Tip + Mac & Cheese + Cornbread
Taste ------------ (4) I was so crushed. The BBQ wasn't very good
Presentation ---(4) The place was nicely decorated but my plate wasn't.
Price ------------- (2) $17 covered Tri-Tip, Mac & Cheese and Cornbread. Not worth it.
Availability ----- (5) There a few locations near Angels Stadium
Quantity --------- (4) Bleh
Satisfaction ----- (3) Not worth it at all. Spend $5 more and go somewhere else.

Rating: 4 out of 10

Maybe I'm being too harsh on this place but I expected so much. It's like being told that there's no BBQ Santa Clause. It crushed my heart. If they just cut their price to about $9 their score would have doubled. I'm going to try this place one more time just to make sure there wasn't some sort of meat crisis going on and they had to serve me yesterdays leftovers. Wish me luck.

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SnapandPrint said...

Ugh! That is NOT macaroni and cheese!

I am a lover of macaroni and cheese so I would have been totally disappointed as well.

And everything was so overpriced for the portions they gave you!