Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jack in the Box: BBQ Sirloin Burger ($4.59)

Mark Lim - It was one of those nights when I was too lazy to put a frozen Hungry Man in the microwave so I got in the car to look for some blog worthy dinner. To my surprise I found a meal that kinda, sorta lived up to its picture.

Meet the Jack in the Box BBQ Sirloin Burger:
"Sirloin" is cut from the lower part of the ribs and is considered the cheapest of the Premium Meats. (Thank you, Google.) Throw a couple of onion rings and bacon on that cheap meaty bad boy and you've got yourself a decent burger.

Wow! This is by far the best looking entry in the Burger Wars I've had so far. If you want to see how gross the others were, look to your right. ---->

"Hey! It doesn't look like vomit!"

Mmm... Savor that Cheap Premium

I normally don't like BBQ burgers because the sauce takes over and kind of numbs your taste buds but this wasn't too bad. The onion rings were still kind of crispy (unlike the BK Steakhouse) and the form looks like it was crafted by Da Vinci himself.

The burger didn't last long. I pounded it as if someone was chanting, "CHEW! CHEW! CHEW!" in the background. A pretty good burger.

Uh oh. Here comes the dreaded nutritional facts:

Jack in the Box: BBQ Sirloin Burger:
Calories - 1010 - Fat - 49g - Sodium - 2190mg - Carbs - 91g

Not too bad! I mean, it's still horrific but compared to the other burgers this is like eating a stick of celery!

Taste ------------- (7) If only I liked BBQ Sauce more
Presentation -----(10) I wanted to paint it
Price ------------- (7) $4.59 Decent price for a burger
Availability ----- (10) 24 Hours and expanding
Quantity --------- (8) Lots of Cheap Premium
Satisfaction ----- (8) Pretty good Burger

Rating: 8 out of 10

You know, I think the packaging made a huge difference. It came in this box instead of just wrapped up in paper. It survived the many bumps on my lowered vehicle with the low profile tires. The Jack in the Box's BBQ Sirloin Burger is definitely the top contender in the Burger Wars. Go eat one.


SnapandPrint said...

This looks well presented! I am surprised...they just turned up the colour satuartion on the advertising photo.

remingtonh said...

Or his 2008 camera phone desaturated it. Is this still available?