Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Carl's Jr. Prime Rib Burger ($4.19)

Mark Lim - When I saw this burger on TV I had a new reason to live. I would get up every morning and ask myself, "Is it time? Is it time to make my burger dreams come true?" I was never more disappointed in my life.

How I pictured my Carl's Jr. Prime Rib Burger:

What it actually looked like:

Wow. There is no Santa Clause.

Most places don't serve their super burgers till 10:30am so I showed up at Carl's Jr. at 10:15am so I would get the first one off the line. When I opened the wrapper my hands became covered in "mystery juice". The burger was flat, chewy, and had the sting of too much horseradish.

I had to force this down

I opened up my burger to see what had been causing the leak and found a violent crime scene of meat. The juice sprayed like it was spitting at me.

The grilled onions were a nice touch but it wasn't enough to save this disaster. They had put way too much horseradish and it was like a punch in the face.

The prime rib was interesting. I thought the whole burger was prime rib but the burger patty just wore it like a hat.

It was hard to look at and even harder to eat. Even though it was covered in juice it was still difficult to swallow. I was pissed.

Carl's Jr. Prime Rib Burger:
Calories - 1060 - Fat - 70g - Sodium - 2940mg - Carbs - 45g

This is one of the most unhealthy things on planet Earth. I wanted to go to the doctor's after eating it.

Taste ------------- (2) No good. No good. Man, no good.
Presentation -----(1) Wow. It was ugly.
Price ------------- (3) $4.19 for this is just criminal
Availability ----- (8) They're everywhere. Stay away.
Quantity --------- (2) Sooo flat
Satisfaction ----- (1) Grossest thing I've eaten in a while

My burger dreams were crushed. Now when I see the TV commercials all I feel is hate. They're tricking you. They're stealing your money. The fat cats at Carl's Jr. are laughing at you. I am this close *makes a tiny gesture with index finger and thumb* to never eating there again. Someone please make a burger that looks and tastes like the picture.


SnapandPrint said...

It looks like someone vomited inbetween two buns!

Kudos to you, Mark, for choking it down.

lauren said...

thank you for this!

i was missing carl's jr.

now i'm not so much.

Dyschromatopsy said...

i went out and got the $6 version of this. it was... nasty.

Cory said...

I was at Carl's Jr. yesterday and just as I was about to order, a guy brought his Prime Rib Burger back to the counter complaining that they forgot to put the patty in it. They opened it up and told him it was there, but that it had "slid to the back of the bun." Then they offered to make it a double by putting another patty on it. He declined.

That being said, I ordered one anyway and liked it quite a bit. Granted, it looks nothing like the picture, but what does? The actual thing is juicy, messy, squished down inside the ciabatta, AND very tasty.

Mark, it sounds to me like you were too disappointed by being mislead by the picture to give the burger a fair chance. That, and the fact that maybe you don't like horseradish sauce (it's supposed to sting--it's horseradish sauce) may explain your negative reaction to it.

Or maybe it's just not your thing, which I respect. As for me, I would definitely get one again.

BTW, I found this blog while searching for a calorie count on the burger. The $4.19 Single Prime Rib Burger, which, from your picture, seems to be what you got, has a "mere" 730 calories. The Six-Dollar version has 1060.

Unknown said...

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