Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Del Taco Cheeseburger ($0.99)

Mark Lim - When I look in my wallet and see 10 singles I don't see money. I see 10 cheeseburgers. (or 17 tacos depending on how south of the border I'm feeling that day) Tonight I decided to splurge and spend a whole 99 cents at Del Taco:

Mmm... Compact and Cheap

Oh, I actually didn't buy the burger. I drove a friend to Del Taco and they bought it for me as a meaty gift. The burger was disgusting. The picture Del Taco had on their website kind of made me sick too.

I must eat to survive!

Del Taco Cheeseburger:
Calories - 330 - Fat - 13g - Sodium - 870mg - Carbs - 37

It would take me 1 hour and 10 minutes of walking to burn off this burger. It's wasn't worth it.

Taste ------------- (2) Gross
Presentation -----(4) Ugly but proportional
Price ------------- (7) Pretty Cheap
Availability ---- (10) Open 24 Hours
Quantity --------- (4) Kind of Small
Satisfaction ----- (1) I was still hungry

Unless you are using this burger as a sponge after a night of heavy drinking stay away from it. Put your 99 cents into a savings account.

I also ate 2 bananas, a couple minute steaks grilled on my George Foreman, and a ham sandwich. I should have taken pictures of them all but I forgot I was starting the blog today. I really do live like a bum.

I was planning on eating only things I saw on TV commercials but that'd probably kill me. Hope you all eat well tonight.


SnapandPrint said...

These are so foul! I tried one once...and felt ill later.

Anonymous said...

I agree. These burgers are disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Worst review ever, please try other locations before doing a biased review!

MorituriMax said...

Maybe someone who uses a grill designed to separate every possible drop of grease from their blandburger shouldn't be reviewing fast food burgers?