Monday, January 1, 2001

How To Be A Guest Blogger!

Want to write a Food Review? Here's some tips!

> Find a local restaurant that you like with interesting food!

The best blogs are always of places with unique, interesting, or massive amounts of food! Try and find something great close to you and really sit down and taste the food. Be honest. If you don't like it then feel free to be brutally mean! If you love it tell us why you do :)

> Take great pictures or at least ones that make the food look really gross.

The best way to take close up shots of food is to use the Macro setting on your camera. What does the macro setting do? It allows your camera's lens to focus on detail and lets you get close to whatever you're taking pictures of:

You'll be able to take close up shots like this:

Remember! The better the lighting is the better your pictures will come out :)

> Fill out the review survey:

After I finish writing about the food I use this little survey to show the readers how I felt about the Taste, Presentation, Price, Availability, Quantity, and how Satisfied I was after the meal.

Name of Restaurant - Food Eaten

Taste ------------ (1) That was Horrible Food!
Presentation -----(10) Food looked amazing!
Price ------------- (5) It was a little expensive
Availability ----- (9) There's plenty all over town
Quantity --------- (8) Lots of food!
Satisfaction ----- (2) I totally was not happy

Rating: 7 out of 10

> Leave your name or nickname!

If you want to be acknowledged please leave me your name or at least a nickname and I'll make sure to give you credit :) If you want to be anonymous then just leave your name blank.


Here's a checklist for what you need to send me:

1) Tell me where you got the food
2) Tell me what you ate
3) Write an interesting review
4) Send good pictures
5) Fill out the food review survey
6) Leave your name or nickname

That's it! You can send your review to my email at: and attach your pictures to it or you can send it to my Myspace or Facebook :)

Thank you so much!!!

~Mark Lim

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