Monday, March 26, 2012

McDonald's Chipotle BBQ Bacon Angus Burger - $4.98 Rating (8)

Mark Lim
- When I hear the someone say "McDonald's" I always picture a fat little butterball with his arm stretched out into the sky, Big Mac in hand, gasping for air as he slowly sinks into a filthy ball pit to meet his untimely demise. Worst. Death. Ever.

Did McDonald's make me fat?

Being a fat kid sucked. If you add being the only Asian in your entire elementary school and junior high then it a becomes traumatic. All the teasing did teach me how to adapt and would probably serve me well if I ever went to prison or was ever sent to Pandora to blend in with the Na'vi so I could steal their unobtanium. Still, the constant ridicule was horrible and I don't recommend fattening your children or making them Asian to build their character.

McDonald's isn't to blame for our country's obesity. I was the reason why I was a fat kid and I'm the reason why they'll have to chop off my foot when I get old. We need to learn self control and pass it on to our children if we ever want to see a change. Anyway, I'm done ranting. Time to fatten up!


Everything now has chipotle in it. I have no clue what chipotle is but I assume it's just a word white people add in front of anything to Mexicanize it.

McDonald's has joined the bandwagon and has now come up with the Chipotle BBQ Bacon Burger.

The real burger actually kinda looks like the burger in the advertisement.

It's actually a surprise to me but McDonald's is one of the few fast food restaurants that consistently make good looking burgers. Carl's and Burger King's burgers usually look nothing like their advertisements but McDonald's has pretty good quality control.

As you can see the bacon looks good, there is sufficient onion, the cheese quantity is generous, and the BBQ chipotle sauce is placed not only on the top bun but also on the bottom. It is a surprisingly well crafted burger.

My bacon runneth over.

I actually got my scale out because I was curious about how much the burger actually weighed. 11oz is pretty decent. That's 0.68 pounds.

McDonald's Chipotle BBQ Bacon Angus Burger

Taste -------------(7) Bacon was crispy-ish. Sauce wasn't overpowering

Presentation -----(8) McDonald's makes good looking burgers

Price ------------- (6) $4.98 is about the average for a premium burger

Quantity --------- (6) The diameter was large but it could have been built higher

Satisfaction ----- (9) I was quite full after my meal and enjoyed myself

Rating: 8 out of 10

The one comment I have is that I didn't really taste the chipotle. It just kind of tasted like regular old BBQ sauce. I still enjoyed the burger and I will most likely return to try the others. I've actually had the McDonald's Angus Mushroom Burger and it was pretty good. You can read the review here: Angus Mushroom Burger

Till then,

Be Fat! Be Happy!


Levi said...

I enjoy your blog!!

Mark Lim said...

Thank you, Levi!

Fritos and Foie Gras said...

That burger really does look shockingly good! Bummer about the sauce not being spicy enough, but it really does look pretty great. Gonna check it out!

Kyle said...

Thanks for publishing this blog. Some ppl are on a diet or can't afford the calories, so we eat these burgers vicariously thru you! Look fwd to the next one!

Mark Lim said...

Sarah - Awesome! I'm glad I could help out a struggling mom and pop eatery like McDonald's. They really need the money.

Kyle - My fat is your fat. Thank you so much for reading!

Jack said...

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